Set Sail for Satisfaction on the MSC Divina Cruise Ship


Chances are that you probably think you’ve got a pretty good idea of what a luxurious cruise entails. No matter what your picture of the perfect cruise may be, however, the MSC Divina cruise ship exists to challenge and effectively surpass all of your wildest expectations.

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Ideate a period of time boxed in utter timelessness. Fancy the kiss of salty sea air grazing your face like a token of affection from the ocean itself. Imagine all of your troubles rendered insignificant while aboard a shining leviathan of earthly pleasures. Watch the MSC Divina video and see what awaits you aboard the seven-night cruise of a lifetime.

The Best of MSC Divina Cruise Ship

It’s easier to try and list off the things that this cruise ship doesn’t possess to impress you than the many things that it does, but we’re going to give it our best try anyway. Brace yourself for the incomparable hospitality of seven-night Europe cruises.

MSC Divina cruise ship tendering
Aboard her majesty there are more than 1,700 suites. Due to all of those suites, more than 3,000 guests can cruise at one time. As one of the 3,000 guests aboard the MSC Divina cruise ship, you’ll have more than a million pleasures made accessible to you during your stay.

De Jorio Design International saw to it that the MSC Divina was inspired by her sisters, MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida. This nearly 140,000-ton marvel queen was created with famous actress Sophia Loren in mind, carrying honorable traces of her screen-gracing beauty across the Caribbean seas; there’s a royal suite named after the actress inside, which is the crown jewel of the Yacht Club.

Both the inside and outside of this incredible vessel are made to strike a lasting impression. The MSC Divina in the Caribbean can’t be called anything less than a wealthy city literally floating on the water.

An Oceanic Kingdom of Pleasures

The interior is flush with deep, passionate reds and incandescent chrome finishes that massage the eyes wherever they may gaze, from the elevators to the spiraling staircases.

The pool deck onboard the MSC Divina cruise ship

Pool Deck

On the deck, you’ll find the luscious infinity pool, a pristine oasis atop the glittering mobile kingdom upon the water. Guests can help themselves to fine food and drink, sampled from all corners of the world in a spacious panoramic restaurant.

Once you’ve helped yourself to a decadent serving of filet mignon or Italian hors d’oeuvres, you can lose yourself in the endless chambers of entertainment within the MSC Divina cruise ship interior.

Beautiful atrium on the MSC Divina cruise ship


An Aurea spa treatment, bath, wellness center and health bar are available for you to purge your mind of all troubles and treat your bodily impurities. Boutique shopping awaits you if the shopaholic within can’t be held at bay. A sports bar will claim the hours of anyone who considers himself or herself a habitual bowler.

Being aboard the MSC Divina cruise ship is already a stroke of fantastic fortune, but if you feel so inclined to travel down to the Casino Venziano, you can test your luck to the limits. The designer disco will heal your dance fever, and even the kids can let loose in a specially designed children’s theme park and fully loaded arcade.

All in all, the cruise is an unstoppable amenity arsenal. Heaven is no more than a ticket for seven-night cruises aboard the MSC Divina in the Mediterranean region for your next getaway.

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