Norwegian Joy Stands Out as First Ship to Feature Chinese Hull Artwork


According to a recent press release issued by Norwegian Cruise Line, Chinese artist Tan Ping’s artwork will be displayed on its vessel the Norwegian Joy. The ship, which will show off the Chinese artwork in the summer of 2017, will home port in Shanghai and Beijing where it will service the Chinese cruise market. Guests on the ship will experience first-class VIP accommodations and the artist’s designs will serve to highlight the cruise line’s mission to provide an exceptional cruise experience for Chinese passengers.

The subject of the artwork for the Norwegian Joy will be a phoenix, a mythical bird that is often seen in Chinese art and has been displayed on silk brocades and architectural renderings as well as in paintings.

The bird, which is a symbol of beauty and good luck, will be colored in the primary colors of yellow and red. While red signifies “joy,” the color of yellow represents grandeur, both appropriate hues for the ship on which they are displayed. The artwork also includes a hint of blue, denoting the sea.

Designer of Norwegian Joy's Hull Artwork

Tan Ping, Photo credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

Tan’s design will be presented on a vessel that can accommodate 3,850 cruise passengers and boasts luxury suites in a unique ship-within-a-ship type structure.
Source: NCL Press Releases

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