Cruise Ship Etiquette Tips

13 Cruise Ship Etiquette Tips That Should Be Observed

Whether it is your first time traveling on the sea, or you have never traveled by cruise ship before, you need to be aware of cruise ship etiquette. An excursion of this type should not be pursued unless you are aware of the following cruise ship etiquette tips and protocol.

1. Make Sure You Understand Emergency Procedures

Before your ship sails, you have to gather with the other passengers for a lifeboat drill. The Coast Guard requires that cruise guests take part in this activity. Make sure you wear your lifejacket to the designated muster station.

2. Follow the Protocol for Tender Boats

At some ports, the vessel anchors off-shore and tenders are used to shuttle passengers to the beach. Make sure you follow cruise ship etiquette and protocol and wait patiently for your turn. This is one of the cruise ship etiquette tips that is important to follow during excursions.

3. Stay Punctual

Make sure you maintain a timely schedule. That means you should return to the ship in plenty of time to depart. Never hold the ship up because of inconsideration. Again, this is another one of the cruise ship etiquette tips that is necessary to know when you are stopping at ports of call.

4. Respect Other People’s Customs or Culture

While you are cruising, you no doubt will be communicating with people from other countries. Each country has its own customs. Note these differences with respect.

5. Make Sure any Adult-Only Activities Do Not Include Your Kids

Certain parts of the ship are set aside for adult activities. Never bring your kids into these areas.

6. Respect the Ship’s Furnishings

Don’t be rude about using a ship’s deck chairs. It is impolite to “reserve” a chair by piling things on top of it. Instead, take your things with you whenever you have to leave the chair, as this behavior defines appropriate cruise ship etiquette.

7. Speak Quietly and Softly

Another one of the cruise ship etiquette tips you should follow involves partying. Remember to turn down the volume down, so to speak, when you get back to your cabin. Speak softly to a spouse or friend as some guests need to get up early the next day.

8. Follow the Dress Code

While most cruise guests are free to wear casual clothing during the day, you need to check out the cruise ship etiquette for dressing during the evening. Check the dress code policy of the ship.

9. Offer the Proper Tip

The tipping policies on cruise ships, in most cases, can be quite complicated. Verify the exact tipping procedures with the cruise line. Usually, there is a per-person or per-day tip system in place.

10. Greet the Crew with a Handshake

When you board the ship, show hospitality with a welcome and firm handshake. Offer the crew, who will be tending your needs, the proper and appropriate respect.

11. Show Consideration When Working Out in the Gym

Not only should you wear workout clothes while working out, but you should also behave considerately. For example, wipe off the exercise equipment when you are finished with it. Use the equipment reasonably, especially if other cruise goers are waiting.

12. Turn Down the Volume

While it is enjoyable to listen to music, you still have to be careful about the sound. In a public area, make sure you use an audio electronic with headphones.

13. Do Not Complain if You Are Forced to Wait in Line

No one likes to listen to someone grumble while he or she waits in line. Try to converse politely with someone in line. Observe proper cruise ship etiquette and enjoy your conversation.

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