Cruise to Alesund, Norway: A Nordic Nouveau Fairytale Awaits You

Alesund, Norway’s most important fishing harbor, rose from the ashes of a terrible fire in 1904 to become one of the most picturesque cities in Northern Europe. Surrounded by glassy waters, the walkable city center thrives in an idyllic location as the community stretches across several islands and the Sunnmøre Alps provide a breathtaking backdrop.

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A cruise to Alesund is like entering a historic fairytale that captivates all of your senses. While cruising in Norway and arriving to the region’s cultural hub on the water is appropriate given the city’s age-old love affair with the sea, but there is so much to take in on land that you won’t want to just catch a peek from the water.

Top Attractions and Things to Do in Alesund

Alesund city center

Alesund city center

The city center, Brosundet, rises dramatically from the water and is home to the impressive gathering of Art Nouveau buildings that Alesund is known for. Don’t forget to look up as you meander the picture-perfect streets: Viking-inspired details trim the buildings providing “icing on the cake.” Your cruise to Alesund wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through Brosundet, but there are many other things to do in Alesund that you won’t want to miss.

Grab an award-winning photo of the fairytale landscape atop Aksla mountain, only 410 steps up a staircase through a park- don’t worry, there’s a restaurant at the top to reenergize! If you’re seeking the breathtaking view without a climb, you can easily find the train or other local transportation to assist you.

Art Nouveau

Alesund historic city center, Norway

If the weather turns, you can dash inside one of the city’s many incredible museums for an afternoon of education and entertainment. The Jugendstilsenteret and Kunstmuseet Kube explains the recent art nouveau history of Alesund and exhibits local and regional contemporary art. Rain or shine, Sunnmøre open-air museum is a wondrous trip back in time as you wander through historical buildings and Viking ships.

Best Alesund Tips

Whether or not you believe in miracles, the Waldehuset should be on your “must see” list if you want to experience something a little more local, unique, and memorable. The only building in the area to survive the 1904 fire, the Waldehuset is a little gem (with free admission!) that you won’t want to miss on your cruise to Alesund.

Brosundet, Alesund

Brosundet, Alesund

Before you leave Alesund, taste the Norwegian fish soup and apple cake. Try Lyst Cafe, Bar and Food on Kongens Gate 12 where you can sit in the back garden and eat the most delicious fish soup and apple cake around without breaking the bank.

Book a Cruise to Alesund

When you book your European cruise, make sure it includes the incredible city of Alesund- you don’t want to miss this unique and gorgeous wonder of the Norwegian fjord coast!