Cruising in Norway: 10 Amazing Norwegian Cruise Ports


Norway is famous for its mountainous landscapes housing wide plateaus that plunge directly into the sea. It is home of the famous fjords and long majestic beaches stretching from the southern to the northern coastline of the country. Cruising in Norway is the best way to view this natural splendor.

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Some Advantages of Cruising in Norway

One of the major reasons why you should consider cruising in Norway is the fact that cruises here in this part of Northern Europe tend to provide everything one might need. To begin with, it is generally very easy for anyone to go for cruising in Norway since there are many cruise lines that visit the Norwegian ports of call. All these cruises have something unique to offer, and the fact that they are all operational on more or less the same route means that the chance of missing a cruise is very low.

Attractions in Norway: Sognefjord


Moreover, most of the cruise lines have top notch facilities. For instance, you can rent one of the many premiums rooms which usually come with amenities such as a lot of space, high end equipment and even room service. Simply put, you will get a five star treatment as you do the cruising in Norway. Another reason why many people prefer cruising in Norway is the fact that there is a lot to see and do; Norway is endowed with beautiful public parks, beaches forests, botanical gardens, hiking trails, sports facilities, galleries, and vibrant cultural centers among others.

Sights & Attractions to Enjoy While Cruising in Norway

There are numerous ports of call along the cruise itinerary where you can stop and explore the cities of your attractions. When you opt to go cruising in Norway, make sure you visit the following amazing towns:

1. Bergen

Port of Bergen


This is Norway’s largest port of call and the busiest in the west coast region. Its main economic activities are aquaculture, petroleum, shipping, sub-marine technology, education, finance and tourism. On your cruise vacation, you can stop over this great town and take a hike on the Kanadaskagen Forests or the Mountains of Ulrikan. There is Lake Tennebekktjorna on Nipedalen Valley and the fjord of Byfjorden located in the famous seven mountains (though the name does not describe the real number). For a different adventure, you can explore the cityscape of Bergen, strolling through the old part of the town that once burned to the ground but underwent renovation centuries after. The previous houses comprised of log and tar settlements but after the fire, brick houses replaced them. One old attraction to look out for in this area is the Church of St Mary’s, which has existed since the 12th century.

2. Kristiansand

Kristiansand, the southernmost port of call


This is a town located to the southern part of Norway and is famous for brewing most of the beer and soft drinks sold in the country. They even have their own spring water supply, Christian IV’s Spring, which forms a good raw material for processing the drinks. Besides manufacture of drinks, Kristiansand has fully developed industrial and processing plants including a nickel plant, Glenare Nikkelverk established in 1910, and an ice cream production factory, Hennig Oslen. In terms of tourist attraction, Kristiansand houses a major zoo and amusement park that is habitat to carnivores like wolves, tigers, lions, tigers and lynxes. The Wilden Performing Arts Center is the largest arena for orchestra shows in the area and Sorlandets Arts Museum is a good place to indulge in Norwegian creative arts.

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3. Honningsvag

Harbour of Honningsvag


This port of call is located to the extreme north of the country. It is located near the Mageroya Island that is ideal to stopover for an excavation tour of its features while on a cruise tour. Honningsvag is ideally located for cruise ships to come and dock, especially during the summer when the tourist influx is high. The Barents Sea is a perfect place for sport fishing.

4. Oslo

Oslo, the capital


Oslo is the capital of Norway and one of the most populated towns in the entire region. The main port opens the city to maritime industries and trade with the rest of Europe.  Oslo is renowned globally for the beauty of its attractions that attract thousands of tourists every summer. One of the special highlights is the Fjord cruise which is under the care of the Norway’s sailing ambassador, Christian Radich. Tourist attractions to expect include the Akershus Castle built in 1299, the Akershus Fortress right near the city’s Fjord, the Doga Design and Architecture center as well as the Ekebergparken where the city’s best sculpture works are on display.

5. Olden

Port of Olden


This port of call is located right at the mouth of River Oldeelva. The town is a fusion of both urban settlement and old villages. The town is mainly an attraction center credited with housing over 61-cruise line in the 21st century. Some notable attractions to enjoy in the town include the glacier Briksdalsbreen where tourist hiking is ideal and the Olden churches which date way back to the 17th and 19th century.

6. Stavanger

Stavanger, an attractive port of call


The town’s main economic activities are agriculture and the oil industry. Stavanger is a great port of call to visit in summer when cruise ships are most active. Cruise ships come from as far as the Mediterranean north to dock here. There is so much that goes on around the port to watch and possibly photograph. Deeper into the city, you will find an amusement park for families, historical center such as Gamle and the Svarthola cave among many other attractions.

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7. Flam

Cruising in Norway: Flam, a tiny village


This port of call opens one of the tiniest villages in Norway to the outside world. Flam has a population of approximately 350 people. The village however is a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors coming to enjoy the 20km Flam railway to Myrdal, which is one of the steepest tracks in the world. The flam harbor receives about 160 cruise lines annually and within the town is a museum dedicated to the history of Flam railway line.

8. Tromso

Cruising in Norway: Tromso, catching the Northern Lights


Tromso is a perfect place to dock as you approach the Tromsoya Island. It is located just 350 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, meaning a perfect chance to catch the Northern Lights in one of the affordable cruise lines. Possible attractions to find here include the Kvaloya Island, Tromso Bridge, Tromsoysund tunnel and the Sandnessund Bridge.

9. Alesund

Cruising in Norway: Alesund


Alesund port and town is a constituent of Sunnmore district. The town serves mainly as a seaport and tourists flock here to view the town’s Art Nouveau architecture. Possible tourist activities in Alesund include visiting the Jugendstilsenteret center that gives a detailed history of the Art Nouveau designs and Norwegian Food Festival held annually in the town.

10. Geiranger

Cruising in Norway: Sailing the Geiranger Fjords


This port of call is a gateway to another tiny tourist village going by the same name. Geiranger is the town to arrive to after Alesund and houses some of the most spectacular sceneries in the world. Some of the prized attractions include the farms of Knivsfia & Skagefla, the breathtaking Lake Djupvatnet and the Mountain Dalsnibba.

These are the ports that are mostly visited by major cruise lines. However, you should remember that they are by no means all the ports that you can visit when you opt to go cruising in Norway; there are many more, each with unique features.

Norwegian Ports receives hundreds of cruise ships annually ferrying in tourists from all over the world. Some of the credible cruise ships that stop at these ports include the Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises among many others.

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