Major Cruise Lines

Plethora of Major Cruise Lines Available

Unlike in the olden days, planning and setting sail on a cruise trip these days is easy. There are many cruise ship companies to choose from. The beauty with this variety is that all the major cruise lines offer exemplary services and trips to varied exotic locations.

The Leading Industry Players

There are 11 major cruise lines that have distinguished themselves, and you should look these up whenever you want to set sail.

Royal Caribbean International

Port of Major Cruise Lines in Malaga, Spain

Royal Caribbean is one of the most innovative cruise service providers is also the king of the seas. This line has a penchant for attracting a balanced mix of cruisers that however exhibit a youthful attitude and a keen desire to explore.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival ship near the island

Carnival Cruise Line too is a master of the seas and a proud member of the major cruise lines. Carnival understands the Mexican Rivera, the Caribbean islands, the Bermuda and Canada & New England better than any other line.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Disney Cruise Line

Disney ship in the Caribbean

Disney Cruise Line represents all things family. Their cruises have been developed in a manner that seeks to grant families a luxurious way of enjoying vacation time together. They also stress the “E” in entertainment.

Disney Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity ship passing through the Panama Canal

Celebrity Cruises is another large-ship cruise line that has a deep understanding of luxury.

Celebrity Cruise Line

Princess Cruises

Princess cruise ship departing from Vancouver, Canada

Princess Cruises, the “Love Boat” company owned by Carnival Corp offers quality cruising.

Princess Cruise Line

Holland America Line

Holland America cruise ship docked

Holland America is all about inspiring awe in your cruises with an undying signature of excellence. Here, you should expect awesome cruise experiences in mid-sized ships all packed with unparalleled entertainment.

Holland America Cruise Line

Crystal Cruises

Manhattan with Crystal Cruises ship in the front

Crystal Cruises is a two-ship wonder defining the best of Asia and the Pacific. They concentrate on bringing you easy-to-reach destinations in a spectacular way.


Cunard ship at the coast of Scotland

Cunard is the epitome of British Luxury and the master of the transatlantic. It provides the best cruises to destinations the world over based on the premise that your holiday needs to be regal and relaxing at the same time.

Cunard Cruise Line

Costa Cruises

Costa Northern Europe Cruises

Costa Cruises, another Carnival Corp. affiliate, understands how important the exemplary Italian style is to cruising. It is a maestro of the Mediterranean region and exercises a flawless mastery of these mythical waters and ports. These two (Costa & Cunard), though Carnival Corp. owned, are based in Europe and distinguish themselves with their thorough knowledge of the continent.

Costa Cruise Line Logo

Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL ship sailing out from Miami, Florida

Norwegian Cruise Line is the king of weekend getaways. If you want a brief but impressive trip that will sweep her off her feet, then you are at home here.

Norwegian Cruise Line

MSC Cruises

MSC Mediterranean cruises

MSC Cruises, another Europe-based line, offers the best of the Mediterranean way of life.

MSC Logo

Clearly, the choices are varied, so feel free to go through the offers before choosing your preferred trip.