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Dwell in the Delights of MSC Cruises

With 20 carefully and elegantly set ships and itineraries delving into seven major regions covering the entire globe, MSC Cruises is the company worth watching in the near future. It boasts of a 50 years of experience in dishing out the best in sea hospitality; an experience that helps the company perfect its service with each passing day. Since the days of the founder, MS Achille Lauro, this Geneva-based company has grown to become the third largest cruise ship company with a market share of almost 10%. The company’s 14 vessels are categorized into three classes: Lirica, Musica, Fantasia, Meraviglia and Seaside. The biggest of all these vessels are MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside having gross tonnage of 171,598 and 153,516 tons.

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3 Good Reasons to Choose MSC Cruises

1. Splendid Sailing Itineraries

Northern Europe cruise destinations

Fjord in Flam, Norway, Northern Europe

The cruise line provides very flexible fun-packed itineraries that lead to exotic and well-hidden destinations as well as many well-known and must-see destinations all over the world. The cruises sail to destinations in the Caribbean, Northern Europe, South America, the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. In all the ports covered, you get uninhibited access to fun, memories, and experiences that are uniquely modelled to give you the best out of any trip.

2. Magnificent Entertainment

MSC Cruises production show

Evening entertainment

MSC cruise ships provide a healthy array of well-blended entertainment options including international performers, live music, and theater production among others. The family specials provided make it a delight traveling with this line; all children on board have a whole load of activities to enjoy and learn from. They will never have enough of all the crafts, dancing, and many such activities organized just for them. There are many theme cruises as well to pick from.

3. Heavenly Dining Options

The Black Crab restaurant on the MSC Divina

The Black Crab restaurant

The dining options provided include the best of Italian cuisines as well as some very fine American favorites not to mention the many other possible choices in between. All these are splendidly provided in the casual and main restaurants as well as the specialty eateries.

Outstanding Range of MSC Ships and Beautiful Destinations

MSC Cruises gives you the best of nautical engineering and extreme Italian hospitality all fused into one. One of the best cruise tips this year is to take one of these; from the 92,000 ton jumble of finesse called MSC Musica through the gigantic encasement of pleasure in MSC Divina to the new vessel MSC Seaview. Some of the ports and locations these masterpieces look forward to taking you in this year include France, Spain, Italy, and Tunisia among many other locations in the Mediterranean. You can also enjoy a four-night getaway between Durban and Mozambique as well as take in the pleasures of Montevideo, Punta Del Este, and Buenos Aires in the South American beat. Learn more about the total MSC fleet and itineraries.

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