Cruise to Hawaii and Perceive the Aloha Spirit

If you really want to discover the Aloha Spirit then you are right to contemplate a cruise to Hawaii. The friendly and refreshing resultant feeling, the exotic cuisines, the stunning views of the beaches, and the mountains will give you more than just the spirit.

Place of refuge in Kona, Hawaii

Place of Refuge in Kona

These beautiful Hawaiian Islands remain a favorite cruise vacation destination and deservedly so. The mystery of the volcanoes has not quite been demystified. Hawaii’s greatest charm however remains her people.

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The History of Hawaiian Attraction

The Aloha Spirit

Sunset in Lahaina, Maui

Of the 50 states making up the US, Hawaii is the most recent having joined the union in 1959. It also is the only state entirely consisting of islands. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu, which is located in Oahu Island. The state takes up much of what is the volcanic mountain chain of Hawaii, which essentially are islands spread over about 1,500 miles. Its warm tropical climate, natural scenery, abundant beaches, oceanic surroundings, and the active volcanoes draw tourists in the millions. Biologists, wind surfers, and geo-fanatics too find it delightful visiting these islands.

The Islands and Ports of Call

Hilo Airport and the ocean

Hilo from the Sky

Of the beautiful islands making up Hawaii, the most popular ones are Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii or “The Big Island.” Cruises to Hawaii serve all these islands; the cruise port destinations that provide the gateway to Hawaiian beauty include Hilo, Honolulu, Lahaina, Kaunakakai, Kahului, Kona, and Nawiliwili. These ports obviously have more treasures than you can imagine.

Why Vacation in Hawaii?

Waterfalls of Hawaii

Rainbow Falls, Hilo

The waterfalls of Maui will take your breath just as much the winding back roads. You can choose to explore both concluding with a 4WD onto these back trails. The 10,000-foot Haleakala Volcano is believed by the locals to be the home of the sun, and its stunning scenery makes this easy to understand.

The Aloha Spirit

Lively Honolulu in the morning sun

Honolulu and Oahu give you three reasons to want to stick around even more: perfect beaches, quiet coves, and world-class dining. You will probably need more than your budgeted time to take in the pleasures of the island especially considering the beauty of the renowned Waikiki beaches.

Coastline of Kona with volcano rocks

Volcano rocks at the coastline of Kona

Kauai presents you nature at its unblemished best. You can choose a tour of the Na Pali Coast, the Waimea Canyon, or just kick off your shoes and relax on the beach. And if deep-sea diving or snorkeling is your forte, then Kona is perfect. The island also packs more history than a daylong lesson can exhaust. There is nothing as refreshing as cruises to Hawaii, book now!

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