Cruise to Santorini, Greece: Guardian of Ancient Seas

The sun-splashed island of Santorini is your exquisite destination of dazzling color surrounded by the striking azure waters of the Aegean Sea. It is the largest in a group of Greek Isles known as the Cyclades. Taking a cruise to Santorini is the best way to reach this sparkling island and enjoy its relaxed pace, beautiful vistas, and delectable cuisine.

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Santorini’s charming homes and verandas are painted in bright, contrasting colors and the whole outdoors exudes the feeling of taking a stroll through a beautiful, historic museum. Cool evening breezes complement the perfect Santorini wine crafted right on the island.

Top Attractions and Things to Do in Santorini

Mediterranean cruise vacations: sailing to Santorini

MSC Cruises’ ship anchored at Santorini

Taking your cruise to Santorini lands you at the starting point of your island adventure. Experience the thrill of the island’s famous cable car taking you from port to the heart of sightseeing and fine dining. There is public transportation or taxi available, though many prefer pleasant, leisurely walking. Delight in the endless choices of tavernas and cafes at which you can pause and refresh.

The picturesque Oia Village

Oia Village

There are so many things to do in Santorini you may want to extend your visit! One top attraction is the picturesque Oia Village nestled high on a cliff offering views of spectacular sunsets and endless vistas in all directions. This vantage point provides a different perspective of visible ancient volcanoes in the surrounding islands.

Relax on the Kamari Beach in Santorini

Kamari Beach

One must-visit location is beautiful Kamari beach, formed by volcanic activity centuries ago, and now surrounded by pure, blue waters. There are beachside bars, cafes and drink service is available. Mesa Vouno hill is visible and, for those feeling adventurous, groups do walk to the top.

Best Santorini Tips

Terrace of a nice restaurant in Oia Village

Restaurant in Oia

During your cruise to Santorini don’t miss your chance to visit the vineyards that offer wine tasting. Santorini’s rich soil produces indigenous grapes superb for wine-making. The highly-rated Museum of Prehistory Thira traces the course of island development from the Neolithic age. Revitalize for your evening by soaking in the soothing hot springs of Palea Kameni

Reward yourself and book your exciting Mediterranean cruise to the ancient Santorini Island. Be ready to shower yourself with fun, education and sun-bright memories for a lifetime.