Cruise to Santorini: Feel the True Charm of the Mediterranean


Metaphorically, a cruise to Santorini rocks in many ways than one. The 16-kilometer long multihued cliffs awe on one hand just like the vast craters that bespeak of the biggest volcanic eruptions do on the other hand. Breathtaking Thira, the main island, and the smaller islands that curl around it some 200 miles off the coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea clearly answer your most obvious question: where is Santorini? For its prime location in the Mediterranean, the weather in Santorini can only be described as awesome all year round. The huge rectangular lagoon that faces the main island provides super mooring grounds for cruise ships. This also provides a fantastic way of taking in the panoramic view of the town of Oia.

Santorini and Aegean Sea
It might sound strange but the island derives much of its charm and allure from its volcanic past! Its spectacular caldera is clear evidence of what is believed to be the biggest volcanic eruption ever recorded. The telltale signs of this include the black sand beaches, raw larval cliffs, as well as dwellings that seem to have borne the brunt of earthquakes.

The Best Advice is Taking a Cruise to Santorini

Watching sunsets may sound mundane but watching the majestic sunsets as presented from the idyllic village of Oia is a must-do activity. Indulging in the beauty of the Santorini beaches is another favorite pastime; there are red, black, and white beaches so the choice really is up to you.

A Great Mediterranean Cruise to Santorini
The stunning views aside, there probably is nothing better than having a traditional dinner as you watch the sun sink into the Caldera. The island is huge in serving the gastronomic delights of the Mediterranean; enjoying this happens to be on many tourists’ bucket lists. Unfortunately words can’t stress enough just how cute the island of Santorini is. That is why booking now a cruise to Santorini so you are part of the next excursion to this Mediterranean resort would be a very fine idea.

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