Bahamas Trips to the Clear Blue Seas

The Bahamas is made up of many tiny but very beautiful islands, islets, and cays. So, where is the Bahamas? This collection of Islands is located north of Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, and just southeast of Florida. The total area of the territory is about 18,000 square miles and this takes all the 700 isles and the territorial ocean space surrounding them into account. The seat of the government is in Nassau, which is located on the Island of New Providence.

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Beautiful Scenery of Bahamas Trips

Bahamas trips

No place beats the Bahamas in geographical beauty and the number of fun places one can visit. Residents and anyone who has shared in the magic of this archipelago can count to you a million beautiful beach reasons why you need to visit. And it does not end with the beaches; Great Stirrup Cay and Perfect Day at CocoCay are just two of another 2,500 cay reasons why the Bahamas trips are the right things to do anytime. For prospective visitors, these two are not just beautiful; they also fall in the category of many beautiful destinations where cruises to the Bahamas dock in while on their majestic tours of the clear blue waters of the Caribbean islands. Nassau, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport also make the list of admirable ports served by cruise ships.

Why Take Bahamas Trips on Cruise Ships?

The beauty that the offers of Bahamas trips provide limitless opportunities and a million reasons you should have plans to visit on your bucket list. The Atlantis Resort and its very expensive Bridge Suite is another reason; besides, Paradise Island where the resort is located has been voted one of the five best places to be at any time of the year. A beauty like that is not something to even consider missing out on! A cruise ship to the Bahamas is a great idea because it is the only way you can sample the full extent of the beauty that is this Caribbean Archipelago.

Bahamas trips on cruise ships

The Bahamas also makes a good holiday destination because it’s only a few nautical miles off the coast of Florida, a quick getaway even for a few days from the cruise capital of Miami. The waters too make a compelling argument for visiting the island; there is no other place on Earth with such an expanse of clear blue sea.

Nassau and the Atlantis Paradise Resort are beckoning you, and not only because there are many cruises to the Bahamas, but because they are worth visiting this year as well.

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