Atlantis Paradise Island Resort: The Best Bit Of Your Bahamian Cruise


Any passenger on a cruise ship to the Caribbean with an itinerary that includes a day in the Bahamas and Nassau in particular is a very lucky chap. This is because such a passenger has the chance of getting the most of two full and complete destinations all rolled into one. Granted, Nassau is great, but Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is more than awesome! A Bahamian cruise that foregoes this leg of expedition is only half the bargain and the smaller half at that! Paradise Island and all the pleasurable trappings of the Lost City of Atlantis are a must experience.

Things to Do When Visiting Atlantis Paradise Island Resort


The Casino

The Atlantis Resort has a myriad of exciting activities to engage in when on a short excursion into Paradise Island. The casinos and restaurants obviously will want to hog much of your time, but the allure of the island as well as its themed water park will make a lot more sense to families.

Atlantis' stingrays

Stingray Lagoon on Paradise Island

Anyone who wants to make the most of the few hours that cruise ships allow will have to do a tricky balance here.

Atlantis Resort Paradise Island

The Reef Lagoon

Have in mind that the resort will more often than not be very crowded, so you should be ready to pay a bit more to enjoy amenities such as the Aquaventure. The little extra you pay on top of the usual price is, however, very worth it.

Never Miss

The Dolphin Cove, Atlantis, Paradise Island

The Dolphin Cove

The Atlantis Dolphin Cay provides the best opportunity to get up close with the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in the 14-acre prime habitat. Someone looking for a truly memorable Caribbean cruise should not even think about missing this.

Atlantis Resort Paradise Island, Bahamas

Lagoon at Atlantis Resort

The beaches of the Atlantis, too, are never to be missed. A beach day will let you have exclusive entry into all of the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, including access to comfortable lounge chairs and towels. A few hours here will obviously leave you craving for more; it is not named the best luxury resort by default!

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