What the Cruise Lines’ Private Islands Have in Store for You


In a bid to provide unique and refreshing experiences for their passengers, cruise lines have over time been acquiring islands and turning them into exclusive ports of call for their ships on certain itineraries. The best cruise line’s private islands offer cruise ship passengers uncomplicated beach day experiences because a private island day is structured to feel a lot more like an extension of the cruise ship. They have a lot of similarities like water-based excursions and barbeque buffet lunches. Over the years, certain advancements have been emerging as well. Inclusion of water parks for instance; developing nature trails and shopping experiences that make these properties whole.

Some Similarities Across the Board

Half Moon Cay, one of the best private islands

Blue tropical cabana and Carnival ship

You need not to worry about spending money when on a private island. In most instances, hiring a hammock and lounge chairs, accessing the beach and feasting on the buffet lunch provided are catered to by your cruise fare. Enjoying beach sports like volleyball and accessing kids’ play areas is free as well.

Pivate islands activities

Parasailing at Coco Cay

The best private islands offer shore excursions and even though these may vary from island to island, the common fairs include snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, horseback rides, zip line rides and getting access to the water slides and over-the-top water play areas. All these activities however cost extra and you will have to find out before participating.

Cruising to the best private islands. Snorkeling is one the most popular activities.

Snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the Bahamas

Other amenities that cost extra include beach toys like inflatable rafts, clam shell shades and snorkel gear as well as pool noodles. You can pack your own if you are looking to cut on your spending. You can also use your cruise card for most of your purchases on these private islands.

Activities on the best private islands of cruise lines

Kayaking around the island

All in All about the Best Cruise Lines’ Private Islands

On all the best private islands of major cruise lines, you have the liberty of coming and going as you please. You can decide to spend your day the best way you know how; choose a morning on-board and an afternoon spent ashore exploring. Some islands may need tender services to get you ashore but this normally is quick.

Now you have a clue what to expect on these private islands in the Bahamas and there’s only one thing remained. Don’t forget to book your cruise today!

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