Great Stirrup Cay Activities: Stingray City Tours


While considering things to do in Great Stirrup Cay, the first thing that you should look at is a stingray adventure. Stingrays are unique and majestic creatures of the sea, and with these adventure tours, anyone can get to know them better in a safe and friendly environment.

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Enjoy a Majestic Stingray Encounter

Stingray city tours offer a truly unique way to enjoy your time on Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island. Among the other Great Stirrup Cay activities, this should definitely be one of the first on your to-do list. Very few places offer a chance to get so close to stingrays in this type of environment and actually swim in the water with them.

While you make port and take a break from your onboard activities, make sure that you sign up to take this tour. If you have never been near a stingray before, it will be a very enlightening experience. Most importantly, the entire area is safe, and you do not have to worry about getting harmed while you get to discover these majestic creatures. So, if you only take one shore excursion while you make port, treat yourself to this memorable experience and get up close and personal with one of these magical creatures.

If you have an interest in sea life, or if you simply want to experience something new, the stingray encounter is one of the absolute perfect Great Stirrup Cay activities to be a part of your Norwegian Cruise vacation. Make sure it is on the top of your list when you set out for sea.

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