Cruise to Flam, Norway: The Glory of the Nordic Gods

Situated near Norway’s majestic Aurlandsfjorden, Flam is one of Northern Europe’s most popular destinations for foreign tourists. There are many reasons why people choose to visit Flam, but most revolve around the village’s incredible natural scenery.

Flam village

Flam village

People fortunate enough to go cruising through Norway can’t neglect a stop in Flam. Whether you’re interested in admiring sensational Scandinavian fjords or exploring Norwegian history, you will enjoy yourself on a cruise to Flam.

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Top Attractions & Thing To Do in Flam

Flam Railway

The scenic Flam Railway

Everyone who goes on a cruise to Flam must include a stop at the Stegastein Viewpoint Platform. Measuring over 1,200 feet above the Aurlandsfjord, this platform offers guests unparalleled views (and photo ops, of course!) of the surrounding fjords.

After standing on the Stegastein Viewpoint, take a trip on the incredibly steep and wonderfully scenic Flam Railway. When you’ve finished your ride on the railway, you can learn more about the line’s incredible construction at the Flam Railway Museum. Before leaving this remarkable village, be sure to also check out the Flam Panorama Cinema, the historic Flam church, and a gallery dedicated to renowned artist Johannes Vinjum.

Best Tips

No cruise to Flam is complete is complete without sampling the region’s award-winning cheese. Believe it or not, the goat milk cheeses produced in this area of Norway are considered some of the finest in all of Scandinavia.

Pro tip: the nearby village of Undredal, only a 15-minute drive north of central Flam, has quite the reputation in the world of cheese. If you can’t make it up to Underedal, however, you can still find plenty of fantastic cheese sellers all over.