Cruise to Tromso, Norway: Magic in the Arctic

Cruising in Norway is an ideal way to see this beautiful country. It has the second longest coastline of any nation on the globe, and the warming Gulf Stream keeps the weather mild.

An island haven cradled by pristine wilderness and deep blue fjords, Tromso is one of the largest cities north of the Arctic Circle and a don’t-miss item for your Northern Europe travel wishlist. A cruise to Tromso lets visitors touch the remote, fascinating Arctic in comfort and luxury.

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Top Attractions & Things to Do in Tromso

Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral

Start with the sights! Mountain views meet fabulous architecture with the stunning cantilever bridge connecting to the mainland. The Arctic Cathedral echoes the glacial landscapes around it. Tromso is also home to Norway’s only wooden cathedral, Tromso Domkirke, and oldest historic wooden houses.

Indulge mind and soul at galleries and museums like the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, the Tromso Center for Contemporary Art, and the Polar Museum. Scandinavian culture and artisanship glitter through the lens of a special northern perspective.

Northern Lights, Tromso, Norway

Northern Lights (between September and April)

On a cruise to Tromso, the spellbinding Midnight Sun creates days so long you’ll never stop exploring. Fjord tours, mountain excursions, and seaside parks make one-of-a-kind nature accessible to everyone. Lauded Tromso’s best view, the peak of 2,200-foot Fløya mountain offers a spectacular panorama of the island. Access the summit via the 4-minute Fjellheisen cable car, four-mile family-friendly hike, or 1,300-step stone staircase completed in Spring 2019.

Best Tromso Tips

Wondering where to jumpstart your cruise to Tromso? Try these favorite spots. The Tromso Arktisk-Alpine Botaniske Hage is the world’s northernmost botanical garden, getting you up close to a biome you can’t experience anywhere else. The Arctic aquarium Polaria features bearded seals and other animals that call these frigid waters home.

Tromso’s oldest cafe, Aunegaarden, serves the best coffee in town and true local flavor. Fuse the rustic with the modern and dip into luxury at Vulkana, a historic fishing boat converted into a world-class spa and restaurant.

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A European cruise including this peerless Arctic destination will awaken your senses and inspire wonder that persists long after you disembark.