Popular Cruise Destinations

Explore the Most Popular Cruise Destinations

The world is an awesome place. If you are seeking to cruise to exotic places then you are thinking in the right direction. There are numerous popular cruise destinations that will let you take in this beauty and awesomeness. These destinations either have stunning scenery, lots of interesting activities you can engage in, or culture and history that you are dying to witness, or in some cases, all of these. Since it is unanimously agreed that a cruise to this destinations is the best way to experience these destinations, your choices are Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean among others.

The Americas, New England and Canada

The Northern Hemisphere west of the Atlantic has some very scenic places worth visiting. The Californian coast and Canada are obvious items on this list.


Alaska with its beautiful glaciers and diverse wildlife also beckons. A visit to the Last Frontier can also mean engaging in sport fishing.


Hawaii slightly to the south and on a sunnier orientation has warm inhabitants. Their Aloha spirit will give you more love than you can imagine.


The orient is open to those who want to explore. There are numerous cultures, cuisines, religions, architectures, histories, and almost everything that can amaze.

Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific

Down Under on the other hand is just plain beautiful. Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding South Pacific Islands welcome all visitors seeking to soak in diverse activities that range from hiking and swimming to snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

The Bahamas

No beaches are so inviting and with sand so inviting like the Bahamian ones. The waters are also clear blue and bespeak of the pleasure the country harbors.


Bermuda has characteristic pink-sand beaches that you have to try. There are enough cricket games to go around as well and if that isn’t enough, then you can always shop!


The Caribbean islands generally have it all: the sun, sand, and great culture. Calypso, Reggae, Soca, and Zouk are just a few among the many tunes that wait to please your ears.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region holds enough delights to please anyone. History and mythical enthusiasts as well as romantics will all have a huge slice of this delightful pie. The sun is awesome, the cultures are great, and the people are intriguing in a good way.

It is easy to be spoiled for choice considering the many available vacations to go on. You can visit all these places starting with a destination you feel most attracted to right this minute. Book now!

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