Cruise to Vanuatu Islands, South Pacific: Experience Something Different


A South Pacific Adventure Should Include a Cruise to Vanuatu

If you are planning to schedule a cruise holiday, no such adventure is complete unless you take a cruise to Vanuatu. This cruise destination is indeed memorable as Vanuatu is an island country that is comprised of about 80 isles. The South Pacific islands span approximately 1,300 kilometers across the sea.

You can find many fun things to do on the island nation as ocean lovers can engage in such activities consisting of: scuba diving, hiking, and deep-sea fishing. When you are not exploring a coral reef or the lush green woods, you can always relax at one of the country’s exclusive resorts or spas. You do not want to bypass a cruise to Vanuatu given that sailing by ship is the best way to access the tourist destination.  So the top 5 reasons why you should visit this South Pacific gem are the following:

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1. Vanuatu is a Tropical Paradise and Idyllic Getaway

If you are searching for the ideal getaway and escape, you won’t want to miss the Vanuatu cruise experience. Vanuatu not only offers an escape from the every day, but it also gives you a reason to truly relax or enjoy the beauty of its tropical scenery.

2. Vanuatu is the Ideal Stopping-off Point for a Cruise to New Zealand or Australia

Since Vanuatu is an island getaway, it provides tourists with a true chance to escape on their way to more metropolitan ports of call, such as Sydney or Brisbane.

3. Vanuatu’s is Home to All Kinds of Interesting Activities

Small sailboat at Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Whether you want to view the rainforest or wish to swim or fish, you can easily do so if you schedule a cruise to Vanuatu.

4. Vanuatu Offers Modern Conveniences

Even though Vanuatu is considered an island destination, you can still enjoy modern conveniences in the form of shopping and resort amenities.

5. Vanuatu is An Escape for Couples and Families

It does not matter if you are on your honeymoon or on a family excursion because a cruise to Vanuatu is a trip that can be taken by either couples or families alike.

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Notable Ports of Call with Highlights and Attractions

Port Vila Efate

Besides sporting activities, visiting Vanuatu by cruise ship will also give you a chance to visit various attractions and sites. Start out your tour of Port Vila Efate, which is the country’s capital, by taking a Thrilla in Vila Jet Boat Ride. This is a popular tour that takes about 30 minutes overall. You can receive a good introduction to the capital by boat and explore the city further after the brief yet interesting tour.

You can also opt for an S1 Underwater Scooter Rental. Take a scooter underwater for a true adventure and underwater experience. While scooters are typically reserved for the land, you can also explore the underwater seascape with this form of transport.

Mystery Island

Mystery Island is another must-see attraction. This small isle cannot be reached by cruise ship. Therefore, cruise guests must be tendered to the tiny piece of land. Given its remoteness, it already sets you in store for some undiscovered mystery.

Champagne Bay, Espiritu Santo

The largest island to see on a Vanuatu cruise is Espiritu Santo, which features the beautiful Champagne Bay. The exclusive bay, which is situated on the northeast coast of Espiritu-Santo, features a lovely white-sand beach.


Another site you must see on a cruise to Vanuatu is Luganville, which is the island country’s second largest country. The city, also referred to as Santo by northern islands inhabitants and Kanal by rural residents of Espiritu Santo, has a current population of around 14,000.

Vanuatu is one of those places that makes traveling to an exotic locale well worth the effort and expense. Seeing this destination is one way to diversify your cruise travel in the South Pacific. Book an Australian or New Zealand cruise and make sure Vanuatu is included.

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