Discover Juneau, Alaska’s Unnatural Nature Capital


The land of the midnight sun sure has many wonders, but those of its capital are way more intriguing, and in a good way. As a state capital, Juneau is unusual because it has no roads going into or coming out of town. It is completely surrounded by beautiful waters, making the Gastineau Channel and the towering ice-capped mountains on the edge of the town very attractive. Locals are known to boast that their city can only be accessed by a ship, plane or a birth canal. For visitors, Juneau and the stunning vista that the channel and the mountains paint is a landscape that can only be aptly captured on the decks of a cruise ship.

Many people would happily make the Juneau journey just to enjoy the precious halibut as well as the signature Alaskan salmon. The town also has awesome shopping facilities that offer the best of jewelry as well as jade animals.

The Alaska State Museum remains the single most appropriate place to learn about the exploits of the Eskimo and the culture of Alaskan native tribes. A visit here followed by a golf cart tour of the Glacier Garden summarizes the beauty that is Juneau.

Why Choose a Cruise To Juneau

The best of Juneau Attractions, Alaska

View of the cruise ship dock from the Mount Roberts Tramway

Alaska, America’s last frontier, is astonishing. The stunning views of the ice-capped mountains as well as the magical glaciers can only be taken in well when cruising. Only a cruise to Alaska can afford passengers an inside view into this compilation of natural beauty and an up close and candid admission into some of the most calm seas of North America.

An Alaska cruise vacation is never complete without some sea sporting or sighting elements. The whale sightings thus combine well with treks on the trails of the rainforest. These two provide a perfect chance of bonding with nature while at the same time enjoying the provisions that marine exploration can offer.

It is unanimously agreed that there is no better way to enjoy the Juneau attractions than through a cruise to Alaska. And because the best time to guarantee passage is now… it would be wise to book right away.

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