Alaska Fishing Tours – Ketchikan, the Salmon Capital of the World


One of Alaska’s strong points is its unique provisions in scenery, ports, and activities. These define the Last Frontier for what it is: a bastion of wonderment that packs wildlife and adventure into one and offers you more activities than you will find any place else. Alaska also has an awesome shopping haven with a wonderful social scene. But its greatest treasure lies in its southernmost tip: the city of Ketchikan with its trappings of good scenery and a million fishing opportunities. It also is a favorite port to look forward to docking in when taking in the Alaskan waters and glaciers.

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Ketchikan and Its Salmon

Ketchikan is the unofficial capital of fishing in Alaska, and while here, you can engage in a thousand fun-fishing activities. Since the Tlingit natives discovered the Ketchikan Reef and the protected waters therein, salmon fishing has been one of the many preoccupations of the city residents, and one they are more than eager to share with visiting fishing enthusiasts. Up to five salmon species swim in the reef waters in great numbers: king, chum, silver, red, and pink species.

Salmon Sockeye

Sockeye (Red) salmon

There are other fish species that are fun to track as well like the red snapper, halibut, ling, and rock cod among many others. For prospective Ketchikan visitors, here are two quick cruise tips to set you into an adventurous trip: fishing is a big deal in this welcoming city and it would be a shame not to try it out, and while you are at it, reserve ample time as there is lots of fun awaiting.

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Ketchikan, Alaska cruise tips

Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas docked at Ketchikan Harbor

The Last Frontier is not just beautiful; most of the scenery is utterly breathtaking. To ensure you get the best of this majesty, you would need to book a cruise. That way you will have the charm of the glaciers and the attractions nicely displayed for you to enjoy. The best time to book that cruise is now so go ahead.


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