Alaska Cruises Departing from Vancouver: Start Planning Your Journey Now


Spend a Few Days in the City Before Your Alaska Cruises Departing from Vancouver

Going off on a journey through the sea to Alaska can provide an exciting trip, but prior to starting that journey, it never hurts to have some fun. When looking at Alaska cruises departing from Vancouver, visitors can find a plethora of fun and exciting things to do to get themselves into the vacation mood. Additionally, the area offers a great many attractions. With many major cruise lines departing from Vancouver and a variety of different activities to participate in and places to see, it’s the perfect start for your journey.

Fly to and Stay in Vancouver for a Few days

Arriving in Vancouver a day or two prior to the departing on your journey can afford you the opportunity to experience some memorable Vancouver tourist spots. Getting there can be as easy as finding a low cost flight, and there are plenty of great hotels to stay in, even if just for a night or two. Upon arrival, you can start by visiting some of the great attractions that Vancouver has to offer.

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Top Vancouver Tourist Attractions

Stanley Park is one attraction in Vancouver of particular mention, spanning more than 1,000 acres and almost completely surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. There are many natural features here, such as Beaver Lake and the Lost Lagoon, as well as hiking trails through the forest. In addition to the natural beauty of the many trees and forested land, this park also offers visitors a great view along the seawall. Furthermore, many tourists enjoy going to see the miniature railroad, which changes to different themes based on the season.

Attraction in Vancouver: Stanley Park

Stanley park and downtown of Vancouver

Another natural location to visit is the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is located in a private park that visitors can walk along. The main bridge is 230 feet above the river and 460 feet long, offering a wonderful and unique view of the forest area below.

For those looking for more urban places to visit, the Vancouver Aquarium has more than 70,000 animals from some 6,000 different species. Additionally, the city has a variety of notable museums, including the Museum of Anthropology at UBC (University of British Columbia). For a more interactive museum, there is also Science World at False Creek, which can be fun for the entire family.

Steam clock shows 8 AM in Vancouver

Steam Clock at Gastown

Of course, when the night shows up and the adults are ready to have some fun, Vancouver is also known for having quite a few exciting bars and night club in its downtown area. Visitors will often find that the nightlife is one of the most exciting features in the entire area. Taking a walk in Gastown, assigned a National Historic Site of Canada in 2009, is also a must do.

Depart on a Memorable Cruise from Vancouver to Alaska

Disney cruises departing from Vancouver

Disney Wonder docked in Vancouver

Though a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska isn’t the only option, most of the major cruise lines regularly have departures available. Some of these liners include vacations through Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and several others. Best of all, you can choose your cruise line based on the type of vacation that you want to take, because even though the end destination may be the same, the journey can always be different.

These ocean journeys can often take scenic routes and end back where they started, or they can sometimes go directly from destination to destination, offering more end locations to visit. Of course, as with any similar vacation, food is provided on board, and many users enjoy the time relaxing on the ship as much as the destinations.

Celebrity Alaska cruises departing from Vancouver - Summit is ready for departure

Celebrity Summit, ready for departure

Most importantly, starting the journey from Vancouver means you will be starting with some adventure already under your belt. Regardless of how long of a trip that you take or which options you choose, this will make the entire adventure more memorable. With cost effective ways to travel and stay, it makes it hard to pass up the idea.

When considering a cruise, especially one headed to Alaska or the northwest, Vancouver can definitely be one of the best places to start. Beyond its museums, aquarium, nightlife and natural beauty, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from taking that extra day or two prior to departing on an ocean journey.  A vacation starting from Vancouver offers plenty of enjoyable things to do for the entire family. Rather than just looking at Alaska cruises departing from Vancouver, do yourself a favor and go ahead and contact your chosen provider today.

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