Exploring the Mediterranean from the Port of Messina, Sicily


Docking at the port of Messina, Sicily, can be an inspiring experience, as it always means that an exciting vacation lies ahead. With about 250,000 local inhabitants, Messina is the third largest city in Sicily. It has a rich culture and history, providing anyone visiting something to see and do. The journey will be exciting and scenic, but upon arriving at the port, there is even more adventure to discover.

With a major seaport and a strong tourist presence, much of the city has been adapted to provide the perfect Mediterranean cruise destination.

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Noteworthy Memorable Messina Attractions

As with any city of its age, there are many attractions in Messina that visitors should take the time to see. From the regular tourist destinations to the classical architecture, Messina truly offers it all. To start with, the Piazza del Duomo, or Cathedral of Messina, has a beautiful clock tower and remarkable construction. In front of the Cathedral, there is a fountain to complement the view. This beautiful fountain depicts Orion with his dog Sirius at his feet, four cherubs riding atop dolphins, four nymphs and four newts, each working together to make a beautiful work of art.

Next, there is the Museo Regionale, or Regional Museum of Messina, which is one of the finest Messina attractions. This museum was established in 1806 and features a vast history of artwork from throughout the area. From marble works to inlays to wooden carvings and paintings, this museum offers it all. Of course, anyone looking for things to do in Messina also must keep the cuisine in mind. Sicily is known for its extraordinary cuisine, and Messina is no exception, offering some of the best dishes in the world to those who venture to stay there.

Take a Day Trip from Messina to Wonderful Places

Things to do in Taormina, Sicily

View of Mt. Etna & part of Taormina


There are few excursions that compare to Messina shore excursions. Whether you are looking for a relaxing few hours on a tranquil beach or an historical visit to a medieval castle, Messina will have what you are looking for. One of the major places to visit is Taormina, which is a small town between Messina and Catania. The Palazzo Corvaja, or Corvaja Palace, is a 10th century palace offering visitors a shining example of Arabic architecture during that time period. After going through some renovations in more recent times, it has become a very popular tourist destination.

Messina shore excursions: Visit Taormina

Palazzo Corvaja in Taormina

Another place to check out while in Taormina is the Teatro Greco, or ancient Greek theater. If you are fortunate enough to be visiting during the summer, you can witness the Taormina Arte, a collection of shows that are put on every year at this site. Otherwise, visitors can still enjoy a glimpse into the past.

Taormina attractions: Teatro Greco

Teatro Greco – Ancient Greek Theatre

Mt. Etna

For those looking for slightly more exciting shore excursions in Messina, Mt. Etna is another highlight to mention. Sitting just outside of Messina and standing more than 10,900 feet tall, Mt. Etna provides the chance to get outdoors and climb. This notion is usually enhanced further by the fact that Mt. Etna is one of the largest active volcanoes in the area.  If that is not your style, there are also bars and restaurants about halfway up in the Sapienza Refuge, which offer a nice place to relax and enjoy the view.

Shore excursions from the port of Messina, Sicily: Visit Mt. Etna

Climbing Mt. Etna

Regardless of whether you desire that time at the beach, a climb up the mountain or a glimpse into history, the options provides by shore excursions will not disappoint. No matter what your tastes, there are few Mediterranean shore excursions that can match the variety and excitement offered by Messina.

Visit the Port of Messina on a Cruise

If visiting the Port of Messina, Sicily is on your to-do list, there is no reason to delay. Visitors can enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime adventure that is full of fun and beautiful sights to see. Whether you are looking to take only your significant other or the entire family, this port has something to offer everything, and the journey there will be one to remember.

Rather than put it off, go ahead and make your reservations today. There is no time like the present, and few places offer the allure and adventure comparable to that offered by a cruise to Messina.

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