4 Stunning NCL Tours from Cannes, France


Explore the French Riviera on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Tours from Cannes

Cannes is perhaps most notable for the Cannes Film Festival that attracts worldwide attention each year, but it is also one of the most luxurious and beautiful Mediterranean cruise destinations, with literally hundreds of miles of beachfront along the gorgeous French Riviera and significant historical sites dating entire millennia back.

A Lavish Experience at the Tours from Cannes, France

There is so much to do on the tours from Cannes that you simply won’t be able to pass up any opportunity to visit this unique getaway heaven on Earth. You’ll have memories and experiences to share with your friends and family members for years to come.

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1. Cannes Walking Tour

If you want to visit the entire town on the tours from Cannes, look no further than the Cannes Walking Tour. You can visit all corners of the city from the beautiful Carlton Hotel, which has stood since the Victorian Era, to the Film Festival palace that holds the largest annual event in the city. You can also visit the La Croisette, the most beautiful strip of sandy beach along the entire French Riviera or the historical remains of the Medieval-era on a hill overlooking the town.

2. Highlights of Nice

No tours from Cannes would be truly complete without a visit to Nice, the largest city of the French Riviera. Nice has a pleasant blend of its old town heritage combined with many modern buildings. Highlights of Nice include the famous La Promenade des Anglais avenue on the Angels Bay, beautiful architecture in the form of the Russian Orthodox Church, and a vibrant marketplace located on the old part of the city.

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3. Monaco & the View from Eze

Monaco, surrounded on all sides by the French Riviera, currently stands as the second smallest and most densely populated nation in the entire world.  In Monaco, the main attraction is Eze, a medieval town that still stands on a hill and offers a magnificent view of the French Riviera and the rest of Monaco. The actual name “Eze” is well suited to its location, as it means “the view” in Latin.  It’s definitely a hike to reach Eze on top of the hill, but once at the top you’ll never find as beautiful a view of the Mediterranean coastline anywhere else.

4. Grasse & St. Paul de Vence

The last stop on tours from Cannes is at a perfume factory called the Grasse, also known as “the perfume capital of France.” The culture of the French Riviera simply would not be complete with this hub for unique body creams, soaps and perfumes. Once you have seen (and smelled, of course) everything you need to in Grasse, you follow the Loup River through some stunning French landscapes to the medieval city of St. Paul de Vence, which is protected by a rampart wall and sits nicely up on a hill. St. Paul de Vence is unique as it was once a hub for the greatest historical artists to have lived, and thus there are many galleries to visit of the finest art ever created.

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