Cruise to Istanbul to See Where Asia and Europe Meet in Harmony


Istanbul, Turkey’s premier historical and economic hub, is also the pearl of the Mediterranean grandeur. This is because of its location straddling both sides of Bosporus, the narrow waterway connecting the Marmara and Black Seas. It therefore highlights the best of both the Asian as well as the European cultures. It also is the pertinent point of physical connection of these two continents; in fact, the question ‘where is Istanbul?’ is best captured in this light. The best way to take in the splendor of this Eurasian city of course is by a cruise ship. This makes your work easy because the major cruise lines have made it a port of call.

The “You-Should-Not-Miss” Things to Do in Istanbul

Cruise to Istanbul and visit Suleiman Mosque

Suleiman Mosque, Istanbul

Any visit to Turkey and more so to Istanbul is never complete without visiting the Grand Bazaar. Here, modern commercialism is in harmony with the historic nature trade in Turkey that essentially is founded on the organization of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. This unique marketplace has been around for many centuries now. It has the best of gift items you can ever hope for on this side of the Mediterranean but its chaotic and labyrinthine nature is the real catch here!

Though Istanbul is known for its outstanding Mosques and their minarets, the two churches of St. George and St. Mary of the Mongols are a must visit while visiting the city. The former dates since 1836 and is one of the strongest standing relics of Greek heritage while the latter dates from way back in the 13th century.

A Cruise to Istanbul as the Best Choice

If you cruise to Istanbul by any of major lines’ ships may be the single biggest favor you do yourself this year. A ride through the Bosporus on the decks of a cruise ship is the best way to see the highlights of the city. If you are looking to spend time in Turkey and quality time at that, book now for a cruise trip through Istanbul!

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