Experience the Mediterranean: Cruise to Ibiza and Discover Old Town


Known for its popular nightlife, the Spanish isle of Ibiza, which is off the coast of Valencia, offers cruise passengers a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Take a shore excursion on a cruise to Ibiza and discover Old Town first.

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Visit Old Town on a Cruise to Ibiza

Old Town is the largest and loveliest town on the island. The medieval locale features cobblestoned streets that have been smoothed over by time. Gleaming in the Mediterranean sun, the pathways lead guests past Baroque and Gothic architecture, including the Church of Santo Domingo, a sanctuary built in the 1500s.

Ibiza Town is also home to Placa de Vila, which is the town’s main square.  A massive drawbridge, called the Portal de ses Taules, marks the entrance to the ancient part of the city. A tour of this section of Ibiza usually lasts about two hours. Both cobbled streets and steps make comfortable walking shoes a top priority.

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Other reasons to choose a cruise to Ibiza include the beautiful beach of Playa d’en Bossa and the Aguamar Waterpark. You might also consider taking a catamaran cruise along the southern coast of the island. Shopping is also featured in the D’Alt Villa, an area where visitors navigate narrow streets and visit quaint and charming shops.

Types of Sporting Activities

If you are seeking sporting activities, make sure you set time aside to jet-ski, dive, or snorkel. You can also test your skills at wakeboarding. If you prefer a sport that is land-based, horseback riding is featured on the isle as well. Fishing charters are also available for fishing enthusiasts.

Ibiza bay with beautiful beach
A cruise to Ibiza is a tropical dream come true, as the island has been used as a setting for a variety of films. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful island’s beaches, you can also savor the panoramic water views.

You also do not have to worry about the weather on a cruise to Ibiza because it is always temperate. For example, the average temperature in January is 53 degrees Fahrenheit, or 11 degrees Celsius. In July, the temperature hovers, on average, at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius.

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Of all the Mediterranean cruise destinations featured online, a cruise to Ibiza is listed the most often on people’s bucket lists. Not only will you find a diversity of things to see and do, you can enjoy cruise-friendly weather throughout the year as well.

See for yourself why Ibiza is a popular cruise destination. Contact a travel agent today about booking a cruise trip – one that stops at this enchanting getaway.

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