9 Top Rated Cruise Destinations – Enjoy the View from the Sea


No matter where you choose to cruise, the view from the sea can be amazing. It can inspire many beautiful dreams for years to come, as you remember the great times that you spent out at sea.

1. The White Beaches and Clear Waters of the Caribbean

Top rated cruise destinations: Caribbean

Bottom Bay, Barbados

The beautiful sands of the Caribbean will catch anyone’s eye. The view from the sea is astounding, as people can be seen enjoying the beauty and the bliss of the water and sand. The Caribbean region is one of the favorite areas to cruise ships simply because of the clear water, white beaches and the friendliness that comes with the people on the islands.  There are plenty of beaches for everyone, so most are not heavily crowded. This is the reason why it’s one of the top rated cruise destinations and it makes it even more enjoyable and attractive when you want to go enjoy the islands. Children and adults alike will love the experience of cruising the Caribbean.

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2. Hawaii – Enjoy the Microclimates of Hawaii

Green Sea Turtle at Poipu beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Poipu beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Your view from the sea of Hawaii is a hard one to top. As you look at the amazing vistas and different landscapes from your cruise ship, you will not be able to miss the glowing lava flow at night from area volcanoes. There are different routes that you can take around Hawaii, so depending on which one you take, will determine what you see. The different climates that can be experience on a Hawaiian cruise are most interesting. There are some areas of Hawaii where it rains quite a lot, other areas where it barely rains and yet other areas where it is always about 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year around. The plants and trees in each area are unique and beautiful. And the flowers are exotic and unique as well.

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3. Mediterranean Elegancy and History

Top rated cruise destinations: Mediterranean

Santorini, Greece, Mediterranean

If you are a fan of the “Odyssey” book, then you will love a Mediterranean cruise. Most cruises will allow you to see a great deal of the things that Odysseus saw. You may see Malta and Sicily. You can explore the beautiful cities of the French Riviera such as Monaco, Nice and Cannes, but if you want to find beauty that has not been disturbed by most tourists, you should go to the coast road between Cannes and Monaco. It is possible to get there by public transport, but you may want to rent a car instead so you can go at your own pace. There are museums, hill towns and markets to enjoy on this path.

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4. Bahamas – Splendor and Bliss of the Islands

Bahamas, as one of the top rated cruise destinations

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

The view from the sea in the Bahamas contains green grass and trees all over, along with the beautiful white sand on its beaches. The water is a deep, dark blue in many places and then transitions right into the light blue and almost clear. Taking this all in from a cruise ship can almost take your breath away. There are some 700 islands in the Bahamas so hopping every one of them may not be possible. Even being able to see a few of them will allow you to have more pictures than you could ever hope to post online. The Bahamas has been one of the top rated cruise destinations and the most visited places for cruise lovers because of all that it has to offer.

5. Alaska – Cold and Beautiful Nature

Top rated cruise destinations: Alaska, glacier view from the sea

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

One of the top rated cruise destinations and places that will give you an absolutely beautiful view from the sea is Alaska. This culturally diverse state has many miles of enticing coastline that has people flocking to the cruises in this area. The Alaskan native culture is stunning and the wildlife is another drawing card. There are whales, moose, birds, bears and more that can be seen when you are cruising Alaska. Alaska may have some weather challenges when you are choosing your cruise time, but if you are not afraid of a little storm here and there, you can get some really great prices. Most of the time things are pretty calm, but the chance that there could be some choppy seas scares off some newbies.

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6. Asia – Rocky and Peaceful Scenery Awaits

Promthep Cape in Phuket

Promthep Cape in Phuket, Thailand

There are many different ports to stop in when you are cruising around Asia. Thailand is a very popular place to stop, as you may notice that James Bond Island is there. Some of the sights you will see are very familiar from different movies. This makes the view from the sea even more interesting as you are cruising along. The water is beautiful and the rocks along the coastline provide a reason for lingering stares with their unique formations. This exotic location makes anyone wish that they could stay longer and enjoy the sights for just a little bit longer. Short cruises are possible when going to explore Asia from the sea, but the longer cruises really enable you to see all of the areas of significance.

7. Australia and New Zealand – Your Year Round Vacation Awaits You

Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia

As you cruise around Australia, one of the sights you cannot miss is the Sydney Opera House. The view from the sea of this iconic building is breathtaking and one that you will never be able to forget. This is not the only amazing sight that you will see whenever you are cruising around Australia and New Zealand. The Harbor Bridge is another amazing sight in Australia. This year around cruise destination will have you hooked on cruises. New Zealand and Australia are both places that people love to move to for retirement, go to college or just have extended visits to widen their horizons. Make sure to check out the Bay of Islands when in New Zealand. There are many beautiful destinations which you can visit when in New Zealand as well as in Australia. There is no way to take them all in at one time so make sure to keep track of the things you want to do the next time you cruise to these locations.

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8. Mexico – Colorful Sand and Relaxation

Carnival Cruise ship in the Mexican Riviera

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico is also among the top rated cruise destinations because it is so beautiful place to cruise to and very popular among tourists from the U.S. It is very close, inexpensive and the view from the sea of the coastline is amazing. Depending where the cruise goes, the sand could be dark, white, orangish or another shade. The water could be light blue or dark blue. The sights and sounds of Mexican Riviera are always amazing. Most of the coast is populated with small fishing villages. In addition to fishing, there are also many water activities to participate in, so Mexico is a location that draws many young adults for Spring Break and many other occasions. Mexico has gotten a bad rap after some unnerving things happened a few years back, but the tourism is picking up a little bit more.

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9. Northern Europe – Artistic Attractions and Ancient Stories

Kauppatori - Market Square in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland, Northern Europe

A cruise through Northern Europe and on the Baltic Sea may be overshadowed by a Mediterranean cruise, but the view from the sea is still beautiful. There are many different things to experience in this region, such as the artistic traditions and ancient stories that are stowed away in this area, which make it mysterious and attractive. You’ll be able to see Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark on a cruise around Northern Europe, which are the more expensive parts to visit. St. Petersburg, Russia, is another great place to see on a Baltic Sea cruise. It’s beautiful, but it is a little tricky with its visa restrictions, but cruising to this area makes sense if you enjoy the European flair and fun of its culture and traditions.

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There are many different places to visit among the top rated cruise destinations and all you have to do to get started on your very own vacation is to pick the location and book your cruise today.

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