Ajaccio Cruise Port: Corsica, the Mediterranean Beauty


Ajaccio is known for many good things and makes a good cruise destination. First, if you are looking at paying homage to the great conqueror Napoleon, then you are home for he was born here. Secondly, the Ajaccio cruise port here is everyone’s kind of port. It is easily explored on foot, has more than its fair share of well-stocked shops and lovely restaurants and a harbor every artist worth his/her salt is struggling to re-create on canvas. This lovely port is located on the west coast of Corsica and boasts of soaring mountains in the background, breathtaking gorges in the immediate neighborhood and hospitable beaches all over.

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Things to Do in Ajaccio, Corsica

Ajaccio cruise port, Corsica

Yacht harbor – view from a cruise ship

The port enchants as visitors can start by the waterfront promenade as they take in the marvelous harbor. Those with an indulgent adventure bug can venture into the suburbs of town and take in the beauty of the island.

Open air market place

Market Square

The true spirit of the Mediterranean region is resplendently presented here and any discerning visitor will love this within just minutes of disembarking.

Things to do in Ajaccio

Beach in Ajaccio

On sunny Mediterranean mornings, the harbor and the sea around sparkles like sapphire. This makes for a wonderful once in a lifetime experience everyone should look forward to having. Most passengers to Ajaccio cruise port in Corsica are assured of this majestic view.

Ajaccio, Corsica

Statue of Napoleon in Ajaccio

A visit to Ajaccio is a fine way of getting away with the best of both French and Italian cuisines all for the price of one. The port boasts of both French and Italian influence; a trip here will therefore pleasantly surprise you!

When to Visit Ajaccio Cruise Port

Ajaccio cruise port, Corsica, France

Cruise port

Being a Mediterranean port, you expect warm sub-tropical weather almost all the year round. You are therefore better off booking your next cruise to the French Rivera right away. Take this early opportunity to get good rates, book now!

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