How to Stay in Shape While on a Cruise


With all the fine dining options and the lazing about that come with a cruise ship vacation, it is no wonder most passengers worry about how to stay in shape. A normal cruise trip has loads of activities and pastimes that can easily take your time off a set schedule, training and keeping fit included. These few tips however will ensure that you both enjoy your trip and are just as fit when you disembark.

How to Stay in Shape: 5 Ways

1. Jogging and Taking Advantage of the On-Board Gym

Stay in shape on a cruise ship vacation

Jogging track on a cruise ship at sunset

Cruise ships especially of the major cruise lines are essentially sailing cities; they have all amenities you can ever think of. Their gyms are therefore well equipped and open to you. Regular training like you do at home will help you stay in shape and shed unnecessary gains.

2. Active Tours and Excursions Ashore

Walking is considered a great way to stay in shape. Joining excursion groups that go ashore to explore is therefore an excellent way of staying in shape while on a cruise ship.

3. Eat Healthily

Cruise ships provide a range of menus that rarely stick to your dining patterns back home. You can however stick to your simple and structured healthy home schedule. Do not shy away from making special requests that can help with your quest to remain in shape.

4. Sports on Land

Senior couple riding bikes at the beach

Senior couple riding bikes at the beach

Most of the ports you visit on a cruise ship have put together fun activities meant to refresh you. These activities are very energy demanding and can help you trim excesses as well as stay in shape. Beach volleyball, biking and hiking the back roads are some examples.

5. Use Staircases Instead of Elevators

The little walking you do from time to time can make the whole difference. If you sun for most of the day, a stretch up and down the stairs when visiting other decks is essential in helping you exercise.

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