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There are very few vacations that compare to the joy and excitement you receive when get aboard a ship. Cruises are the only vacation where you can travel to multiple destinations with one, all-inclusive price. If you are looking for destinations, there is no better opportunity than to cruise around the Caribbean Islands. To get started with this ultimate vacation getaway, check with major cruise lines and look no further than Grenada Island.

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Diversity of Choices: The Top 10 Things to Do in Grenada

Cruise the caribbean: scenery of St. George's

Scenic view of St. George’s, Grenada

While you go about your way to cruise the Caribbean, the destination port of Grenada can offer some unique and exciting adventures. Some fun things to do in Grenada include waterfalls, beaches, diving and trying out the unique local cuisine. Of course, a trip to Grenada has all of the usual tropical allure, but it also offers it at a much higher level.

1. Have Fun on Grand Anse Beach

One beach of particular mention is the nearly two-mile-long Grand Anse Beach in St. George’s, which consistently appears in listings of the top 10 beaches in the world. In addition to the beautiful shoreline and gorgeous white sand, there are a wide range plenty of activities for both individuals and families.

2. Visit Annandale Waterfalls

Annandale Waterfalls located at the outskirts of St. George's

Annandale Waterfalls near to St George’s

There are many amazing waterfalls in Grenada, but not all of them are in the public eye. The most easily accessible for tourists is the Annandale Waterfalls and among the smaller ones. Its location is just a short trip away from St. George’s by car or tour bus.

The falls are surrounded by rock walls, lush, green vegetation and beautiful flowers. Even coca trees can be found here. The greatest charm of this place is the possibility of a refreshing dip in the water while watching the amazing stunts of cliff jumpers.

If you are already in Grenada and love visiting waterfalls, Seven Sisters, Concord, Tufton Hall and Mt. Carmel Waterfalls are also popular attractions and should not be missed.

3. Relax in Sauteurs Bay

Sauteurs Beach, Northern Coast of Grenada

Sauteurs Beach, Northern Coast of Grenada

If you want a little privacy the beach in Sauteurs Bay is the perfect place. When the day is through, you always have an opportunity to find a nice spot along the shore and watch the sunset.

4. Visit Belmont Estate

Tourism in Grenada is the driving force behind its economy, so the sights and activities that are available to tourists are well above those you would find on other beaches. Beyond the beaches though, there are plenty of things to do in the area. The Belmont Estate is one noteworthy location; it is a 17th century plantation that works with the Grenada Chocolate Co. to make some of the best chocolate in the world.

5. Discover Grand Etang Nature Reserve

When the cruise ship does arrive in Grenada, there is plenty to do for everyone in the family. The Grand Etang Nature Reserve is another beautiful place to visit, as it contains the Crater Lake and Mt. Qua Qua.

6. Get a Glimpse of Grenada Rum Distilleries

For those older members of the family, there is also an array of distilleries that tourists can find on the island, including River Antoine Rum, Clerk’s Court, Westerhall Rum and others.

7. Go Shopping

In addition, you’ll find plenty of shopping destinations throughout Grenada, which makes it an ideal vacation spot for everyone in the family.

8. Take a Spice Plantation Tour

The island is famous for its spices, and these spices are predominant in Grenada’s cuisine, drinks and lotions. Take a brief tour to the West Indian Spices Facility, the biggest spice plantation in the Caribbean.

9. Visit Fort George

Things to do in Grenada: Visit St George's Fort

Fort George in Grenada

In addition to the more typical things to do in Grenada, there are also a couple of forts that can be visited during your stay. The first fort of mention is Fort George, which was finished in 1710. Originally named Fort Royal, it was renamed in 1763 because of King George III. With the timeworn fort design and the antique historical displays, it is a must see for visitors.

Fort George is located atop a hill, so it is the perfect viewing spot for any tourists looking to see the town and the harbor. The hike up may be tough, but the journey is certainly worth it. If taking a cruise is on your to-do list, this fort alone makes it worth your journey.

10. Visit Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick, located on the south-western peninsula of Grenada

View of the cruise ship dock from Fort Frederick

Another great place to visit in Grenada is Fort Frederick. Founded by the French in 1779, it was originally meant to keep the island secure against the British. Now, as with Fort George, it serves as an historic landmark for those who visit by land or by cruise ships. The real unique feature of Fort Frederick is that the fort actually faces inland, because that is where the islanders were expecting the threat to come from.

This fort alone draws many visitors for this particular reason. Fort Frederick also offers a spectacular view, which some believe is actually superior that offered by Fort George. This is because, at the top of the fort, visitors can actually get a 360-degree view of the entire area. There is no better way to take in the beautiful sites around the island than atop this fort.

Getting to Grenada is Easy – Book a Cruise!

Getting to Grenada on cruise ships: popular cruise destinations

Ships docked in St. George’s, Grenada

Journeying through the waters of the Caribbean can offer a liberating and fun experience, and for anyone who hasn’t experienced a vacation on a ship before, it can be a great chance to get away. The Caribbean contains many popular cruise destinations, but getting to Grenada by cruise ship is definitely the best trip. Don’t waste any more time; go ahead and book your Grenada-bound cruise today.

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