Labadee Shore Excursions Add Special Interest to the Caribbean Cruise Experience


If you wish to add excitement to your cruise adventure in the Caribbean, particularly to Haiti, then you don’t want to bypass the Labadee shore excursions that are offered to cruise ship adventurers. Keep this stop in mind when you are booking a Royal Caribbean holiday.

Having Fun in Haiti with Labadee Shore Excursions

If your ship is sailing to the Haitian coast, then you don’t want to miss any Labadee shore excursions. Labadee is a peninsula and beach in Haiti that is inviting with its beautiful coral reefs and luxurious amenities. When it comes to finding things to do in Labadee, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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An Unforgettable Adventure

Waterslide in Labadee

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

That is why ships setting sail that offer Labadee shore excursions on their itineraries are definitely worth noting. For example, one of the exciting activities to take part in while in Labadee is zip-lining. Glide across the Dragon’s Breath flight line, which is the longest zip-line featured over water. You also won’t want to miss the thrill of sliding down the Dragon’s Splash waterslide. This 300-foot slide displays 10 twists and turns for you to while away the time. This family fun attraction leads you to the splash zone located in Columbus Cover.

Nellie’s Beach

You also don’t want to miss riding the Dragon’s Tail Coaster, a thrill ride that offers some of the best views of the Labadee shore and beach. If you want to relax in a more private enclave, then you also want to spend time at Nellie’s Beach.

Labadee's beautiful beach

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

This resort setting is a popular place to spend time as it features luxury cabana rentals that include a lunch buffet at the Columbus Cove Café, Café Labadee or Dragon’s Café. You also receive two beach mats that float and a water cooler containing six bottles of water. Not only that, a cabana attendant is there to wait on you hand and foot.

Open-air Dining

Open-air dining venues are featured throughout the area, and offer delicious cuisine that spells “holiday fun.” Consume such offerings as grilled hamburgers, barbecue, hot dogs, veggies and fruit. You can also easily obtain bar service throughout this beach-friendly locale.

A Kayaking Adventure

If you like sports adventures, take any of the Labadee shore excursions and you will find just the right activity. For example, paddle through the Bay of Labadee by kayak and get a closer look at Haitian culture. You might also consider a ride aboard a personal watercraft while taking in the breathtaking surroundings of Labadee’s scenic coast. Cool off and enjoy all the beauty that is available in this part of the world.

Is it any wonder that Caribbean holidays by cruise ship are so popular today? In fact, statistics show most cruise guests prefer a Caribbean holiday and off-shore excursions in such beautiful spots such as Haiti. See what they mean by booking a trip for yourself. Make sure the itinerary includes a stop in Labadee.
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