Travel to Samana Bay, Dominican Republic: Choose a Cruise that Works within Your Budget


Samana Bay has approximately 15,000 residents, making it a small and intimate place to visit. It is located in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic, an island in the Caribbean close to Puerto Rico. This scenic bay offers many exciting experiences, while also allowing you plenty of time to relax and reflect. When you visit this area, doing so by cruise ship will ensure that you get to see the bay, while also getting to see and visit many other exciting parts of the Caribbean.

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It is Always Time for a Vacation

Wooden houses with high colors in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

Wooden houses with high colors in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

Samana Bay combines all of the exciting things that the Dominican Republic has to offer. Enjoy the ocean, as well as the Yuna River, which feeds the bay. The nature sights alone are enough to make a trip to this area worth it. You will also enjoy local cuisine, friendly locals and plenty of opportunities for arts and cultural entertainment.

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Things to Do When You Are in Samana Bay

Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park

When you are in the bay, you can easily access the Los Haitises National Park, as it adjoins the bay. Take advantage of ecotourist activities at this park and check out an abundance of local flora and wildlife.

Tropic beach on Samana Bay

Tropic beach on Samana Bay

If you head to the bay during the winter months, you can see whales calving, an experience that few people ever get to have. Other activities include bird watching, checking out the river tributaries lined with mangroves, viewing the nesting sites of frigate birds and pelicans and exploring the caves. While in the caves, you can see plenty of interesting petroglyphs and pictographs.

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Visiting Samana Bay as Part of a Caribbean Cruise

Various Caribbean luxury cruises will take you to Samana Bay and many other exciting stops along the way. Many will also offer guided tours and activities so that you can be sure that you will get to see the best sights that the bay has to offer without the risk of missing your port of call. You will also get the chance to take in local culture, entertainment and cuisine so that you can fully immerse yourself in everything that this bay has to offer.

View of Carnival Destiny from the distance in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

View of Carnival Sunshine (formerly Carnival Destiny) from the distance in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

You can talk to your travel agent to ensure that the cruise you choose will be making a stop at this bay. A travel agent knows all of the itineraries for the affordable Caribbean vacations that he/she books. A travel agent can also tell you about the different cruise-associated activities on the bay so that you can decide if a guided activity is the best way for you to explore the area.

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Why Choose a Cruise to Visit the Bay

When you read the various Caribbean cruise tips available, you will find that the majority of people recommend that you take a cruise to see the Caribbean islands. This is because you will get to see more and do more while you are on vacation. You will also be able to travel throughout the area without the hassles of airplanes and driving. While you are on your way to the next port, you can sit at the pool and sip on exotic cocktails poolside, enjoy delicious meals and enjoy the calming ocean waters.

Cayo Levantado in Dominican Republic

Cayo Levantado in Dominican Republic

Heading to Samana Bay via cruise ship can also save you a lot of money. Many cruise ships are all-inclusive, so they provide you with all of your basic needs as part of the fee you paid to board the ship. Things such as meals, entertainment and lodging are all part of the total cost, and you will also not have to worry about things such as exchanging for local currency or paying for every activity that you plan to do.

Visiting Samana Bay gives you a chance to embark on a unique cultural experience. You can enjoy all of the sights while also getting a relaxing vacation when you visit this area as part of a cruise ship vacation. Many cruise ships will visit Samana the next years. All of these trips offer a luxurious and comprehensive experience to each and every guest. Book one of the many amazing Caribbean cruise vacations today and enjoy days and nights of fun and relaxation.

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