Look Around the City Prior to Your Cruise from Baltimore Maryland Port


Baltimore: The Pearl of Chesapeake Bay

The city boasts of two outstanding things that will definitely wow a visitor: a world-class aquarium and a location along the tidal part of River Patapsco. The former, Baltimore aquarium, is a must visit before you  start a cruise from Baltimore Maryland port and the latter is the reason traveling to this city is the best decision you will ever make. This Chesapeake Bay city also has a sports calendar of activity that rivals the best in the world and has shopping facilities that are top notch. Baltimore also has a very rich heritage as evidenced by the many sites like Federal Hill and Mount Vernon.

Things to Do in Baltimore

Things to see in Baltimore Maryland port

Baltimore city skyline

The beauty of the Chesapeake Bay and the River Patapsco is part of the reason over 20 million visitors are eager to make the trip east every year. The Inner Harbor hogs most of the tourism activity with the National Aquarium being the number one attraction.

Baltimore Maryland is baseball’s birthplace. While here, you can learn everything you need to know about this part of American heritage. The Babe Ruth Museum and birthplace makes part of the city and that is more reason you should indulge more in the history of the sport.

The Baltimore Zoo is another reason a trip east is always rewarding. The facility has over 2,000 exotic animals in the 180-acre wooded space. All this fun can then be summed up by a delightful Italian meal in the city’s very own little Italy.

Cruise from Baltimore Maryland Port

The city sits pretty on the cruise map to Bahamas and Bermuda. Baltimore therefore offers a nice way of taking in all the beautiful geographical scenery that so describes the Caribbean.

There are two major cruise lines, Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Line that cruise from Baltimore Maryland port, and picking any one of these is the best way to see the world. Go ahead and book today!

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