What Everyone Has to Know about Malaga, Spain


Indulge in Costa del Sol’s Hospitality Gift

The first thing you should know about Malaga is the fact that this is a very brisk and modern city that is also old and historic to the core. It is the highlight of the entire area that makes up the Costa del Sol. Any visitor should find this ironic yet very pleasing since the city still proudly exhibits the grandeur, swagger, and atmosphere of a Mediterranean seaport. Visitors shouldn’t be put off by the drab appearance of the city; if anything, drab appearances is characteristic of most Spanish cities. The historic city center on the other hand is majestic, charming, and even slightly peculiar especially if you consider the presence of the unfinished Gothic Cathedral.

What Comes to Mind First about Malaga? Of Course, the Pearl of Costa del Sol

Malaga harbor

Beautiful promenade at the harbor of Malaga

Even though the question “where is Malaga?” isn’t as common among people visiting Spain, it still is worth knowing that this beautiful port is the southernmost large city in Europe! This port city is the second-busiest cruise destination on the entire Iberian Peninsula. The traditional balconied houses, the best tapas bars, and the characteristic narrow streets meant for pedestrians speak of a charm only possible in Southern Spain.

Aerial view of Malaga

Aerial view of a bullring in Malaga

For a charm this great, it is befitting to arrive in the splendor of a cruise ship. It is not possible to think of a better way to pay homage to Pablo Picasso’s land of birth. Cruise ships also provide the best way to sample stunning views of the beaches of Malaga.

About Malaga: Highlight of the Mediterranean

Paseo Maritimo Picasso at Malaga

So Many Things to Do in Malaga

Not too many people know about Malaga that the city probably has the greatest number of museums all of which are fun to visit. The Gibralfaro Castle as well as the world-renowned Alcazaba of Malaga are interesting points too.

The Alcazaba - old fortification in Malaga Andalusia Spain

The Alcazaba – fortification in Malaga Andalusia Spain

The town of Nerja at Malaga’s doorsteps is considered to have Europe’s most beautiful caves. You most obviously will want to explore these as well as marvel at the wonder that is the Picasso Museum.

The Cathedral of the Incarnation in Malaga

The Cathedral of the Incarnation in Malaga

The city is welcoming and has awesome weather all year round. Thus, the best time to book your cruise to Malaga is now! Take advantage of early bookings and save on your fare.

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