The Magic That is Portofino Village


Portofino village! The name is synonymous with an Italian resort fishing village that singlehandedly describes the Italian Riviera. The town is nestled on a tiny bay in the Tigullio Gulf and boasts of just about 500 permanent residents. It has trademark pastel-colored buildings that provide a beautiful ring to the harbor and lend their credence of beauty to the town. The entire landscape is so beautiful; so much so that most of the land and sea bordering the village is either a national park or permitted public access space. Despite Portofino village’s modest population, it bursts into life in summer. If you are enchanted by the place’s beauty, then you can take it all in cruise ship style as the port is preferred by many renowned cruise ship lines.

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Portofino Village’s Major Attractions and Nearby Sights to See

Cruising the Italian riviera

Colorful boats and buildings in Portofino

As a village, Portofino has many premier attraction spots as well as interesting points. First, the beautiful scenery is free for everyone. The harbor lined with beautiful and expensive eateries is colorfully set to complement the green hills behind the town. San Lorenzo Cathedral, which sits at the middle of Old Genoa, was consecrated in 1118. The medieval cathedral has a stunning beauty that combines the contrast of white marble and historical black slate.

Saint George’s Church and Portofino’s Piazzeta are but two attractive structures that make up the amazing semi-circle of structures facing the harbor. The area is open to tourists who want to take a stroll down the romantic cobblestone streets as they soak in the beauty of this Italian fishing port.

Cinque Terre, which loosely translates to “five lands,” is another attraction a short distance away; it basically is made up of five villages making up the town. These together with the coastline and the hillsides surrounding them make up The National Park that is Cinque Terre. Ducal Palace and all its former grandeur is another point of interest. This majestic building that was once the Republic’s Magistracy now serves as Genoa’s seat of trade activities. Its courtyard has inviting restaurants, bars, craftsmen’s stores, and art galleries all linked to the region’s rich culture and tradition.

Cruises to Portofino Village

Portofino village

Ligurian coast in Italy

Oceania Cruises is sending Riviera into 7 night European Hideaways, 14 night Ramblas & Relics and 15 night Roman Pathways cruise trips that will include Portofino village in the itineraries. Azamara Club Cruises also has itineraries planned for Portofino as part of the Mediterranean cruise aboard Azamara Journey. Silver Wind of Silversea Cruises will also provide 7 to 10 night cruises of the Mediterranean region that includes the resort of Portofino as a regional highlight.

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