From Flying High to Swimming Down: 7 Best Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas


As the undisputed cruise capital of the world, Nassau presents an influence that is all encompassing; American, European, West African and authentically Caribbean. For this reason, it is the most popular and from time to time, the most congested as well. Despite this, the best things to do in Nassau Bahamas and the zing surrounding them are a must experience events in anyone’s life calendar. Atlantis Resort and the opulence of Paradise Island are best experienced when you arrive on a cruise ship.

Attract the Wonders of Nature with the Best Things to Do in Nassau

Nassau is arguably one of the most famous vacation vistas in the entirety of the Caribbean. Individuals come from all over the world to enjoy personal dolphin swim encounters, sprawling waterfalls and hiking trails that go deep into the confines of the island.

1. Nassau Catamaran Sail & Snorkel

On the fringes of Nassau is the always-popular snorkel and sail option. No necessary training is required. A trained professional will take a small team out to a hand-selected area that will feature untouched natural coral. The tour sometimes goes to man-made undersea expanses that attract all sorts of elegant and breathtaking underwater wildlife.

2. Experience Nassau on a Segway

To get to the internal areas of the city, you can partake in a segway tour or a solo rental. The segways are one of the best things to do in Nassau and can easily navigate rather rough terrain, and it could be the most accessible way to see the pathways and admire the tropics of this Caribbean island.

3. Parasail Adventure – Bird’s eye view of Paradise Island

Those that prefer their vacation with a bit more excitement can indulge in the illuminating parasail adventures. These are located in multiple areas of Nassau, and take you further and higher than you have ever been before over the most famous island near the equator.

4. The Blue Lagoon Private Island Getaway

Of course, many vacationers that have enjoyed the best things to do in Nassau are familiar with the world famous Blue Lagoon. This area is an almost impossibly secluded vacation spot that has crystal clear light blue water resting at the bottom of a series of mountains.

5. Glass Bottom Boat

An open glass bottom boat tour and a culminating bumming on the shores of Blackbeard’s Cay are two other fine options you must experience. The tour is a marvelous learning experience while the seclusion that Blackbeard’s Cay affords you is truly majestic!

6. Atlantis Dolphin Cay

Visit Atlantis Dolphin Cay and get a true feeling of being in the world’s biggest dolphin habitat. The premier water park that hosts this habitat also has more than 50,000 aquatic species you can savor in the largest existing open-air aquarium. You can then cap all this off with a relaxed time at the nearby Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island.

7. Pirates of Nassau Museum

Take a tour of the former pirates’ dungeons and relive Nassau’s most horrific past. Pirates of Nassau Museum and Fort Charlotte are both exciting and awe-inspiring, and have artifacts that will put you right into the history of this now fabulous commonwealth.

Why Cruise to Nassau?

Best Things to Do in Nassau Bahamas

Cruise ships docked in Nassau

The city is best known for its balmy breezes and warming sun and of course, the tree-lined streets that make shopping in Nassau absolute fun. The city lies just a paltry 180 miles off the South Florida Coast; this makes it an ideal mini-cruise destination for itineraries meant for the Caribbean. It also is a superb destination for quick getaways especially for vacationers looking to enjoy a few days on a cruise ship.

The best things to do in Nassau are only a few clicks away; you do not want to be left behind. Book now!

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