Atlantis Paradise Resort

Atlantis Paradise Resort: Simply Magical Bahamas!

1998 saw the true reemergence of a gem of Caribbean tourism, Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Nassau. Its inception, recreation and ultimate presentation highlighted a combination of both ingenuity and elegance. Indeed the hotel’s position as the best luxury resort is well earned. This exceptionally spectacular resort is located in an area surrounded by nothing but the clear blues seas of the Atlantic Ocean. It is just off the coast of Florida and offers a super fitting destination for those seeking a hop holiday. Cruise ships on the Caribbean beat use the nearby port of call a lot, providing another splendid way of getting to this tropical paradise.

Things to See and Do in Atlantis Paradise Resort

When visiting Atlantis Paradise Resort, be prepared for the cheerful tropical weather. You will have loads of sun, but you should watch out for the seasons of heavy rains as well. There, however, is a ton of things to do and places to visit. The Dolphin Cay, for instance, is a must experience and once in a lifetime kind of activity, especially for anyone who knows just how lovely dolphins are. You also have a super opportunity of leaning about these mammals, sea lions and corals as well.

Atlantis Paradise Resort also features Aquaventure, a unique water park with non-stop water and literally non-stop fun. This facility has more than 20 million gallons of water spread out in a space of slightly more than 141 acres… more than enough to elicit memorable fun to last a lifetime.

The waterscape in Paradise Island is made in a way that ensures every sun and fun lover gets his/her whims satisfied. There are more than 20 conventional swimming areas and some 11 refreshing pools, all constructed differently so that they can offer unique provisions. These water adventure spots make Atlantis Paradise Resort the best luxury resort, not just in the Caribbean, but also in the entire world.

Aside from the aqua highlights of this tropical water themed attraction, the resort has a fair casino with good payout rates and an ambiance that begs everyone to try luck at the tables. Slots enthusiasts have up to a $100 welcome bonus to help extend their times at the machines and the number of spins. Anything you want is availed, from table games to slot machines to race and sports bookings; all of your gambling needs are intimately understood.

Atlantis Paradise Resort
Atlantis Paradise Resort has several well-appointed full bars and lounges that offer signature martinis, a very extensive wine list and VIP bottle services. These bars provide an awesome rendezvous to soak up great sounds of music, while savoring some of the world’s best scotch or simple nightcaps.

Plethora of Cruises to Nassau

Aside from the Obvious

The casinos, water parks and restaurants will obviously take a huge chunk of your time in Atlantis, but there are other jewels that you need to check out just as well. A boat ride to Lagoon Island, for instance, is thrilling and exhilarating considering just how cool the Bahamian breeze is. Snorkeling adventures in Sea Island, as well as a visit to Versailles Gardens, will also be worth your while. Atlantis Paradise Resort offers these and many more. Kindly go through the ad for more information on what offers are available to you.

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