The Regal Princess Cruise Ship Inspires Through 5 Unique Features


The Regal Princess cruise ship is one of the most magnificent ships currently available. Its loftiness is only one part of its grandiose appeal. But the charm of this vessel of Princess Cruises ultimately comes from its host of excellent and even completely unique features.

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5 Amazing Features on the Regal Princess Cruise Ship

A successful cruise is really about building a wonderfully endearing ambiance and distinct emotional connection. The diversity of the Regal Princess cruise ship comes across in its SeaView bar space, as well as its glass-bottomed walkway. This bridge connects with the sea and permeates the ship. Between the sanctuary cabanas, special chef’s table dining and musical fountain show, the wonders of this cruise ship speak for themselves.

1. The Glass-Bottomed Walkways: A Window to the Sea

This glass-bottomed walkway is the centerpiece of sensationalism and beauty on the Regal Princess cruise ship. It captures this quaint reflection of the sea from below that shines through the upper decks. The walkway circles the entire cruise ship and can be seen from multiple levels. It provides a dimension that is quite appealing when you look down and sea the decks and even the ocean below.

2. SeaView Bar Space

Few people ever go on vacation without indulging in a special cocktail or their particular drink of choice. Expansive open windows that circle the entire area surround the SeaView bar on the Regal Princess cruise ship. At 120 feet off the water, you can see far into the vast expanse of the ocean and admire its humbling beauty. Of course, indulge in a few great tropical mixes and unique cocktails crafted by high-class professional bartenders. They add a theatrical mix to the creation of your drink, with juggling and designing to perfection.

3. Water on Board with the Fountain Show

The best cruises have themed musical shows and the Regal Princess cruise ship is no exception. The Musical Fountain Show is like no other musical in that it does not feature any live performers. It also takes place throughout the majority of the evening. This show is a spectacle. Massive columns of water shoot up and across in perfect sync with music that resonates throughout the top of the ship. A large monitor screen displays a video to coincide with the columns of water that dazzle with various colors and themes.

4. Quiet Reflection with the Sanctuary Cabana

Between the enthralling fountain show and SeaView bar area on the Regal Princess cruise hhip, it can get easy to lose sight of the quiet and quaint moments you should enjoy while on the cruise ship. There are two areas in particular that display extravagance alongside quiet reflection. The first of the two is the sanctuary cabanas. In a more remote area of the ship, this romantic and cozy getaway area is luxuriously designed to maximize comfort and relaxation. It embodies all the best parts of a vacation: reflection and getting away.

5. Fine Dining Personified

You cannot get very far on a vacation without great food, and the Chef’s Table Lumiere Dining area will be your major nightly stop for some of the best dishes in the industry. Between exquisite seafood dishes and vegetarian options, the food has become one aspect of the cruise ship that harnesses all of its other unique and amazing features together.

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