Seychelles Archipelago

Location of the Seychelles Archipelago

Officially known as the Republic of Seychelles, this country is composed of many small islands and located in the Indian Ocean. Though some individuals commonly refer to the Seychelles as having only 115 islands, the official Constitution of the Republic lists the official count at 155. The Sechelles archipelago is located northeast of the Island of Madagascar and nearly 1,000 miles to the east of Kenya. Forty-five of the islands in this area are granite islands, and the majority of the rest are made from coral. Only 40 of the islands that are large enough for habitation are actually populated.

About Seychelles Islands

Beaches of the Seychelles Archipelago

Anse Sourse d’Argent, Seychelles

With temperatures staying around a steady 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 per cent humidity all year round, the Seychelles makes for a perfect island getaway vacation. Perhaps more important to tourists looking for a more intimate getaway, the entire population of the 155-island group is estimated at only 90,000 as of the 2012 census.

Due to its location, much of its culture is French, with some African influence as well. This also leaves the two official languages of the area as English and French, with some locals also speaking a Creole dialect. Unlike most westernized civilizations, the society of the Seychelles archipelago is actually matriarchal, making the mothers the main decision makers in Seychelles households.

Seduction of the Seychelles Archipelago

Empty road on Seychelles

With its mixed French and African influences, the music of the Seychelles is quite diverse, often containing African rhythms while having sects of French pop or folk music. Influenced further by the French presence, about 82 per cent of the local population is Roman Catholic, with a small mixture of other religious groups spread throughout the islands. Overall, this gives tourists enough versatility when traveling the islands to get a unique cultural experience.

6 Reasons Why the Seychelles Archipelago Will Attract You

When thinking of a tropical getaway, the Seychelles is a shining example of the escape to paradise that many desire. With picturesque beaches and vast, clear ocean waters, visitors can find themselves losing track of time by simply relaxing on the shores. When morning arrives, the sunrise is absolutely gorgeous, and come nightfall, there are few places in the world that can match the splendor offered by a sunset on one of the Seychelles islands.

In addition to the beautiful beaches and calming scenery, the local accommodations are top notch, offering a very tranquil and relaxed environment to visitors. In more recent years, the local government has also put some funding into improving the top hotels in Seychelles, which has further increased the level of luxury provided.

1. Incredible Beaches

Beaches of the Seychelles Archipelago

Anse Takamaka beach, Mahé Island, Seychelles

With palm trees swaying gently in the cool breeze, white sand beneath their feet, and the gentle sound of waves lapping upon the shore, visitors to the Seychelles archipelago can describe the beaches as nothing short of extraordinary. The combination of the location and climate give these islands a year-round appeal, always providing a beautiful view and a calm location to relax.

2. Excellent Diving Spots

Due to the depths of the waters around some of Seychelles islands and the biodiversity in the area, visitors with an interest in diving can find themselves enthralled with some of the best diving spots in the world. With crystal clear waters, snorkeling is also offered and provides a great view of the depths.

3. Wedding Ceremony

Anyone who wants a destination wedding on a tropical beach will find few places that compare to the Seychelles. For those who want a ceremony on the beach, that is always an option, but there are also plenty of locations on different islands that make for wonderful ceremony locations.

4. Unmatched Flora and Fauna

With strict environmental regulations, the Seychelles maintains not only some of the most beautiful plants and wildlife, but also a wide and diverse population of them.

5. World Cuisine

Seafood plays a big role in the local cuisine, but the islands also have a variety of tropical fruits that provide some interesting dishes. There are also some wonderful dishes that are reminiscent of French cuisine, which gives visitors a plethora of options.

6. Deep Sea Fishing

As with diving, fishing options are quite vast due to the amount of species in the area and the depth of the waters. Those interested in deep-sea fishing can find a variety of charter boats able to bring them out to the sea to test their luck.

Cruise to Seychelles

Of course, as enjoyable as these islands are, each individual destination is sometimes too small for visitors to enjoy for more than a day or two. Rather than staying at a hotel for a week or more at a time, many travelers prefer to discover the Seychelles archipelago by cruise ship. In this way, they are able to not only enjoy an all-inclusive package, but also see multiple islands and more.

Many large cruise lines travel through the Seychelles archipelago, some of them going to various islands over the course of a week, others staying in the area for longer, and still others that spend some time in the islands before moving on to other destinations. Some of these cruise lines include Costa Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Princess Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Oceania Cruises and more. Regardless of which provider that is chosen, each offers its own benefits.

Beaches of the Seychelles Archipelago

One of the Amazing Beaches of the Seychelles Archipelago

One perceived benefit that many people see in visiting by cruise ship is that many activities one might enjoy on the islands could be offered at no cost from the cruise line. These cruise ships also provide the variety of different islands for visitors, which mean more diverse views and activities. Additionally, visitors who come to the area by boat can see the local destinations while knowing their lodging is just off shore.

Additionally, some cruise lines will offer deep-sea fishing, diving or even guided tours through the local flora and fauna, all of which can attract visitors. Though these options might exist on shore, having them all offered in the same place that you booked your cruise makes the planning and execution much easier.

No matter whether you choose to visit for a week or just stop in via cruise ship, the Seychelles archipelago is one of those places that you must see at least once. Don’t delay, and set up your journey today.