The Itinerary for the Crystal World Cruise Focuses on Two Lengthy Voyages


Crystal Cruises was purchased for $550 million in the early part of March 2015 by Hong Kong based Genting. Reports issued state that Genting paid about $550 million for the fleet of two cruise ships. With the purchase comes exciting news that Crystal Cruises will be offering new offerings for 2018, including a cruise trip that will be leaving from Los Angeles.

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Crystal world cruise 2018 featuring the recently-purchased ships, the Serenity and Symphony, will take place concurrently, each one following four itineraries with a scheduled meeting in Sydney, Australia.

For example, the 1,070 Crystal Serenity passengers will leave on a 112-day cruise from Los Angeles beginning January 23, 2018. The vessel will stop at various ports of calls along the way (including stops in Australia, Southeast Asia and Dubai) before reaching its destination in Rome.

On January 7, 2018, the 922-passenger Symphony will depart Cape Town, South Africa for a cruise of 114 days. Some of the stops include ports of calls in Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia and South America, before the ship travels through the Caribbean and concludes its voyage in Miami.

A unique feature of these two cruises involves the option to switch cruise ships after about a month of sailing on the Symphony and Serenity. The switch will happen when the ships meet, during their passages in Sydney, Australia. Shorter segments of cruises are planned for the two ships as well.

The switch in Sydney will take place on February 17, 2018 after about a month of sailing. Therefore, cruise passengers can elect to remain on the same cruise ship during the entire journey or make a switch. Passengers who do change ships will either elect for a longer cruise of 129 days, beginning in South Africa on the Symphony and ending on the Serenity, or opt for shorter cruise duration of 97 days (beginning in the Pacific and ending on the Symphony).

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