Pamper Yourself on a 3 Day Caribbean Cruise


It is time to indulge your senses and expand your horizons without having to use your valuable vacation time. Major cruise lines offer 3 day Caribbean cruise packages that allow you to use your three day holiday weekends to get away to the islands. Check out the affordable Caribbean weekend getaways that will revive your spirit and keep your stress low.

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3 Day Caribbean Cruise Activities

Young couple enjoying their 3 day Caribbean cruise
If you like to shop, a cruise ship is able to offer duty-free shopping onboard with many desirable brands. If you love to be active, perhaps you would like to take a dance class or unwind with a yoga class. There are always exciting activities like karaoke, extravagant live shows and, of course, the casinos. You won’t want to miss the delicious food available at every turn that cruises are famous for. On your 3 day Caribbean cruise, you will be able to lie by the pool, get a massage, and dress up for fancy dinners with your loved ones. The 3 day Caribbean cruise is one of the most affordable Caribbean vacations available because it is an all-inclusive package that passes on the discounts to you. Depending on which cruise you choose, you may be able to try zip lining, circus school, bumper cars or rock climbing. Each ship is uniquely designed to offer you new activities and things to try.

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What is Included?

Splendid interior of a cruise ship cabin
Most of the time, a 3 day Caribbean cruise will include gorgeous accommodation, meal and entertainment. You will be able to purchase a fountain drink package for you and the kids, if you desire, and most cruises to the Caribbean islands will allow you to bring two bottles of your own wine on board. You can also usually purchase a separate alcohol package ahead of time or on-board. This allows you to decide how much more you would like to pay without any assumption about what you want. You will be able to store purchased alcohol in the ship storage provided, so you can bring some home from the islands, if you would like. In the off chance of rain, you will be able to go to the many stores and activities available below deck, which gives you a great excuse to book your spa day. A 3 day cruise is one of the most cost-effective vacations for leaving the country. You will love the savings and the pre-planned itinerary, which keeps all the stressful planning off of your plate.

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