How To Choose from the Many Enticing Caribbean Cruise Packages


Have you been dreaming of lounging in the sun on white sandy beaches? Perhaps it’s time to seriously consider some of the exciting Caribbean cruise packages offered by major cruise lines. A package is all-inclusive and allows you to pay one price for your flight, food and board. Here are some Caribbean cruise tips that will help you enjoy the many options for activities, dining and sightseeing.

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Shorter Caribbean Cruise Packages

Booking Caribbean cruise packages
If you would just like a taste of the exotic islands and don’t want to take too much time off work, perhaps you want to look at 3 day Caribbean cruise packages. This type of cruise will inspire you by getting you out of your element and relaxed. You can experience something new without having to do the planning for a major vacation. These 2-4 day trips are the most affordable Caribbean vacations, and you may not even have to use your vacation time at work if you choose to book over a holiday weekend. You will be able to visit one of the fabulous Caribbean islands and bask in the warm water. You can indulge in the delicious array of seafood and exquisite cuisine available onboard twenty-four hours a day. If you feel like doing something exciting, these trips are low stress and have onboard Casinos, live shows, relaxing spas, and fun activities for both kids and adults. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, imagine your own room overlooking the sea where you can order breakfast in bed or have a bottle of wine delivered with your favorite dessert.

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You may enjoy this trip so much that 2-4 days isn’t enough. That may encourage you to try a longer cruise, as many avid cruise goers come back every year to experience the wide variety of cruise lines and exotic destinations. On a 2-4 day cruise, you will be able to visit a beautiful island, and if you prefer to see more than one location, you may want to extend your trip to a week-long cruise. If you have never experienced a full day at sea, you will be surprised how much it helps you let go of your worries and immerse in enjoying the company of your loved ones. This shorter cruise is a great gift for your family, and you can create lasting memories by treating yourselves to this luxury vacation.

The Dream Vacation: A One-Week Cruise

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Perhaps you are enticed by the week-long Caribbean cruise packages. 7 day Caribbean cruise packages are a great way to completely unplug from your normal life and recharge yourself. You will be able to experience more of the myriad of fun shows and activities on board without being in a rush. You can start to find your favorite places to eat onboard and take some of the classes that many cruise lines offer, such as Salsa dancing, making fun crafts, or learning a foreign language. If you are looking for an enriching educational experience, you will be able to experience a variety of different cultures at the islands you visit and use your time onboard to learn some new skills. You will be inspired by waking up with a breathtaking view from the sea.

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These cruise packages are also flexible, and you can find 5-7 day trips to fit your schedule. If you are bringing the family, this is a great option because it will give you some time to spend with them, and the ship is large enough that you can also let the kids enjoy the pool, ping pong and roller skating (possible onboard activities) while you book a spa day with a massage and facial. Sometimes people feel a week isn’t enough time because they are used to taking a longer vacation. Not to worry, as there are longer cruise packages offered, as well. The great part about that is these cruise packages will also be at a discounted rate because you are booking a longer time, and most cruise lines can give you a nice deal if you want to travel longer than a week. Needless to say, you will enjoy even a week-long cruise. If you have never visited the Caribbean, you will find the vibrant food and music enlivening and engaging. Why not start to make an annual family tradition of new exotic cruise destinations that you will look forward to each year?

The Ultimate Experience: A Two-Week Cruise

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For the adventure lovers, 14 day Caribbean cruise packages are the experience of a lifetime. You will have so many wonderful experiences and really get to enjoy all the amenities onboard. If you would like to be able to explore the islands and get to know the places you visit, the 8-14 day trips are going to work well for you. You can space out your activities and be sure to have time to relax and reflect. You can spend quality time with your friends or loved ones and create an itinerary that is more flexible than the shorter cruises because you will have more time to do the things you want. Although this can be a more costly option, luckily these all inclusive deals are more affordable than booking a vacation on your own where you would pay separately for your flight, hotel and food. The cruise lines are able to get significant discounts on flights and food that are passed on to you, which can help you have an affordable, stress-free vacation.

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