How to Apply for a Cruise Ship Job


We often receive enquiries from readers who want to know how to apply for a cruise ship job. Although our website is an online cruise travel magazine directed at cruise travel, we also want to assist those readers who are seeking travel experiences by working onboard a ship. The following information gives a basic outline of applying for cruise ship employment.

Requirements for Cruise Ship Candidates

Before you apply for a cruise ship job, you need to meet the qualifications set out for cruise ship candidates. First, you must be 21 years of age in order to apply. You also must be able to read and write English well. Pre-employment requirements also include obtaining a C1/D seaman’s visa and valid passport ID. Candidates must also be willing to work seven days or approximately 70+ hours per week. Resumes must show at least two years of job-related experience. In addition, candidates must be willing to make an employment commitment for the full length of their contracts.

Consider the Type of Job You Want

Basically, cruise ship jobs fall into four classifications – those that involve entertainment, service and hospitality, deck and engine room assignments and personal care. For example, entertainment jobs include such roles as cruise director or performer. A service and hospitality job might involve working in a restaurant or in a ship’s gift shop. Personal care employment extends to working in spas or fitness facilities while deck and engine room jobs are related to a ship’s operations and maintenance.

Preparing Your Resume

If you want to know how to apply for a cruise ship job, you have to understand how to prepare a winning resume. A good CV should never be hand-written but should be typed. Contact details should include your address and telephone number Make sure the CV is not more than 2 pages long. A one-page cover letter serves as your introduction and shows the employer how the skills and experience listed on your resume relate to or complement the cruise position.

Recruiting Agencies: Why It Helps to Use Them

Typically, cruise lines prefer to use a recruiting agency. To begin the application process then, review the cruise line’s website to see how applicants are recruited. Cruise companies often list their recruitment partners.  In fact, many cruise companies depend on a network of recruiting agencies to assist them in the hiring process. A hiring partner can influence an applicant’s prospects. Therefore, it is important to obtain a recruiting agency’s endorsement to get a cruise ship job. You won’t get a second interview with a cruise line if you don’t make a good impression with the recruiter.

Major Cruise Lines’ Career Sites

Royal Caribbean International
Carnival Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Holland America Line
Disney Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line
Crystal Cruises
MSC Cruises
Oceania Cruises

Look Out for Employment Scam

Always remember – cruise companies and recruiters never ask for an application fee nor will they sell information on how to apply for a cruise ship job. Also, cruise line companies never ask applicants for credit card information as part of the hiring process either. Therefore, it is important to research employment opportunities first before you provide any personal details on the web.

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