Sailing the World on the Radiance of the Seas Cruise Ship


Cruising is one of the many options you can opt for if you want to relax, have fun or to simply get away from it all. You can travel the whole world and explore the sites that each destination has to offer while you enjoy the great comforts and features of your cruise ship along the way. There is simply none better than this.

The Radiance of the Seas sailing out from the harbour of Sydney

Radiance of the Seas departing Sydney, Australia

As mentioned, there are two ways to enjoy a cruise – one is to explore the land while docked; and two – to enjoy the luxuries of your ship. Obviously, the first one is easy. C’mon, the destination is already there for you to explore. The second one though is highly dependent on what your ship is providing for you. In order to get your money’s value, always go for a name that you could trust like the Radiance of the Seas cruise ship of Royal Caribbean International.

The Dazzling Water under the Radiance of the Seas

The Radiance of the Seas is the Royal Caribbean’s Radiance class’ flagship carrier. And it has every right to be so. The newly renovated Radiance of the Seas is a panoramic spectacle with a glass walled 9-storey atrium. Ever since its maiden voyage in 2001, its featured lights have dazzled its passengers and reviewers alike. Until now, with renovations and refurbishing installed, the Radiance of the Seas cruise ship is brighter than ever. The vessel is proud of its destination cities and packaged tours. In 2016 and 2017 it will be cruising to Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, and around Australia & New Zealand.

New to Cruising? Cruise Tips for the Newbies

Before you board the Radiance of the Seas cruise ship, you might get the basics first – suntan lotion, bathing suit and cameras. Kidding aside, on a cruise, the basics are really what you need. Just a carry-on bag for your travel documents, change of clothes suitable for the place you’re going to visit, and medications. The attire for the cruise while onboard should be very light because the cruise is designed to go to places with varying weather and temperature. So all you really need to do now is booking your trip on the Radiance of the Seas cruise ship.

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