Cruise Industry Trends Feature Remote Luxury Travel, Wi-Fi Access and Luggage Tracking as Some of the Top Amenities


Survey results of cruise preferences for the fall of 2015 show that the Caribbean is the top cruise destination among Americans. The Travel Leaders Group, which conducted the survey during most of the month of August, gleaned responses from travel professionals in the U.S. travel field. Data from the recent TLG survey shows that traveling will be a top pursuit for the remainder of 2015.

Top Cruise Choices

Besides the Caribbean, another top cruise selection this fall will be the European River cruise. Alaska will be another popular cruise destination, as well as the Mediterranean. According to trending statistics, almost 61% of the cruise-goers planning a Caribbean cruise trip are 30 years old and younger. The younger set, it appears, prefers the often lower costs that take people to the Caribbean.

Another Fall Trend: European River Cruise Travel

European River cruises are drawing interest from travelers because of the sleeker ships that are being introduced on the European continent. River cruises allow cruise travelers to experience a country in-depth. The trend, for fall so far indicates that interest is not waning.

Seeing Remote Places in Luxury – Trending this Fall

Fortunately, cruisers today do not have to sacrifice luxury or comfort to see an out-of-the-way destination. For example, tourists can see such places as the Montgomery Reef, off Australia’s Kimberly Coast. This remote sanctuary is well-known for its dramatic tides and waves. Cruise guests can also book passage to visit the Arctic. Spitsbergen, Norway is typically the most notable destination on North Pole excursions. Not only are river cruises on the list of fall itineraries but so are unique cruise destinations to remote locales.

Wi-Fi and Faster Web Speeds – Other Fall 2105 Amenities

Fall trending also shows that cruise operators are making use of such social sites as Twitter and Facebook – providing cruise-goers with Wi-Fi onboard so they can share their voyages in real time on social media platforms. Larger bandwidths and faster web speeds are featured on many of the cruise ships this fall.

Fall On-board Adventures

One class of ships this fall is offering luggage tracking as well as techie bracelets that assist cruise guests in managing purchases and accessing their rooms. Free texting is also part of the amenities offered on some of the fall sailing vessels. On-board adventures that have been announced for fall 2015 include simulated skydiving and roller skating. Royal Caribbean guests can take trapeze lessons as well.

Multiple Nights in Port

Trends in the fall include longer stays at port-of-call destinations too. Multiple nights are being offered in port so cruise-goers can better experience the local fare and sites. Tourists who travel by cruise ship this fall can take more time to acquaint themselves with the local haunts and restaurants as well as the cultural sites at each port.

According to survey results and other data, fall will see cruise-goers making their way to a great deal of islands in the Caribbean as well as taking river cruises on the European continent. Technical amenities, such as larger bandwidths, quicker web speeds and cruise-related apps, will make it easier for passengers to report their travel experiences to friends, gain access to their rooms and enjoy shore excursions with greater confidence.

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