MSC Cruises Announces Digital Implementation of Customer-Centric Technology MSC for Me


According to the latest news reported March 8, 2017 out of Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises, which is the largest privately-owned cruise line in the world, is planning to debut its digital innovation program MSC for Me in June 2017. The technology, which will be unveiled on the MSC Meraviglia, features 16,000 points of connectivity, 358 interactive screens, 700 access points, and over 2,200 cabins with RFID/NFC access technology. The program will next debut on the MSC Seaside in November 2017.

The holistic MSC for Me program is designed to connect guests to their desired cruise experience by making use of the latest in innovative technologies. According to research, cruise guests are increasingly seeking ways to customize their holiday experiences both before and during cruise travel. Other guests want to be able to connect to the latest activities or cruise venues while onboard the ship. Research also shows that approximately 70% of guests prefer to use a smartphone at sea. Approximately 36% of research respondents said that they used a tablet when taking a cruise holiday.

MSC for Me Infographic

MSC for Me Infographic. Photo credit: MSC Cruises

In response to the increasing demand for digital agility, MSC has responded by making real-time amenities available through MSC for Me programming. These features highlight the following innovations:

  • Navigation, which is a digital way finder, provides guests on board ship with guidance, advice, and details about on what is on the vessel. This technology can be compared to smart maps and helps guests navigate their way on large vessels as well as locate their children as needed.
  • The concierge application on MSC for Me permits guests to book services, excursions, and restaurant reservations in real time 24/7.
  • Capture is yet another exciting application. The onboard app allows guests to preview excursions through a gallery of interactive screens, each showing the unique outline of each guest’s trips, which they can share in real time.
  • The Organizer planning tool enables guests to check in with their mobile device and book travel, seats for shows, or a dinner table while on board or before embarking.
  • A digital personal advisor called TailorMade provides tailored recommendations based on guest preferences. Included in the technology is intelligent face recognition which helps cruise staff members to take care of guests’ needs in a more personalized way. Also, interactive bracelets will be used to connect guests to a vessel’s services.

All in all, the program will give guests over 130 smart features, each geared toward a fully optimized holiday travel and cruise experience. These features also include a dedicated app to help guests customize their holiday during any point on their cruise journey whether they are relaxing by the pool, getting ready to embark, or planning a cruise excursion.

A multi channel digital experience. Photo credit: MSC Cruises

The new and exciting real-time program will be initially rolled out across the cruise line’s new builds with further refinements taking place as each ship comes into service. The major features of the technology will also be rolled out to the existing fleet following its introduction on the newer vessels.

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