Queen Mary 2 Refurbishment Takes Cruise Guests Back in Time


Queen Mary 2 set sail from Southampton on a cruise to New York after its impressive debut, June 23, 2016, in Southampton, celebrating its recent refurbishment. Flanked by Cunard’s regal vessels, the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, the Cunard flagship liner showed off its newly revamped features to an array of high-profile guests.

The Queen Mary 2 refurbishment showcases a redesign and enhancement of the Queens Grill and Princess restaurants, including the Britannia staterooms, which will be fully completed and operational at the end of 2016. The ship’s recent upgrade adds 30 Britannia Club staterooms, as well as 15 Britannia single staterooms and five Britannia inside staterooms, to its design.

Guests who are dog lovers will appreciate the 10 additional kennels that have been installed, complete with a New York fire hydrant and Liverpool lamp post. The ship currently boasts the only transatlantic kennel service in the world.

The refurbishment also includes a redesign of popular restaurants, such as the remaking of the Winter Garden into the current Carinthia Lounge and the debut of the Verandah as the vessel’s new specialty restaurant.

The Queen Mary 2, which is noted for its historic and current transatlantic crossings, takes ship guests back to a time when Golden Age passengers, such as Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn and Winston Churchill, regularly made similar journeys.

Interior designs were inspired by the original ship, the Queen Mary, which was a popular form of transport during the 30s – a time when the Art Deco movement was also in vogue. To note this iconic time period, the Queen Mary 2 refurbishment showcases elegant carpets and furnishings that recall the period.

The cruise line reports that the ship’s exterior was entirely repainted, and significant structural alternations and technical upgrades were made. Cunard added that 1M+ hours went into the refurbishment over a 25-day period. Almost 595,000 square feet of carpeting was laid. 4,000 framed pictures were hung and approximately 4,000 gallons of paint were applied to the vessel’s hull.

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