The Best Caribbean Islands for Honeymoon Romance


You have just gotten married to the love of your life, and you probably don’t want to spend your honeymoon just anywhere. Lovers want to consummate their romance by taking a trip to a relaxing and exotic place, but with so many choices, it can become a difficult task to choose the best Caribbean islands for honeymoon joy. Spending your honeymoon on a cruise is not a bad idea, but first you have to find the perfect honeymoon destinations.

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Top 5 Caribbean Islands for Discerning Honeymooners

Honeymooners enjoying each other's company
There are a lot of places that newlyweds can visit while spending their honeymoon on a cruise. The following islands are among the most popular destinations, with cruise ships traveling to them all on a regular basis. Visiting these islands while on your couple’s cruise is the best choice for people who wish to truly enjoy their vacationing experience on one of the many Caribbean luxury cruises available.

1. Barbados

Fallen and decaying tree on Barbados beach
Barbados is often considered the premier destination for newlyweds and couples in need of a passionate getaway. As one of the best Caribbean islands for honeymoon romance, the best Barbados trips offer access to famous Cattlewash Beach – the perfect spot for a private rendezvous beneath the stars with your lover.

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2. Curacao

Curacao, as one of the best Caribbean islands for honeymoon
When visiting Curacao Island as a honeymooner be sure that you check out the views atop the bluff at Boca Tabla. Experience once-in-a-lifetime vacationing with the one you love while you snuggle up to watch waves crash against ancient rock for miles in either direction. Nothing says romance like seclusion and beauty.

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3. Grenada

Grenada, best Caribbean islands for honeymoon
Getting to Grenada is only half the fun when you travel there via cruise. As one of the best Caribbean islands for honeymoon, a cruise to Grenada will grant you and your lover access to River Sallee Boiling Springs, a one-of-a-kind volcanic formation that serves as a natural wishing well into which you and your betrothed can wish for  future bliss.

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4. Grand Turk

Grand Turk, as one of the best Caribbean islands for honeymoon
The Grand Turk Island is definitely a place that you should look for on your honeymoon cruise itinerary, especially if you have an adventurous side. During your stop be sure to visit Library Reef, a perfect spot for capturing sight of beautifully curious fish while scuba diving in pristine waters with your lover.

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5. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, as one of the best Caribbean islands for honeymoon
The Dominican Republic is indeed one of the best Caribbean islands for honeymoon romance and relaxation. Samana Bay offers nightlife like you won’t see anywhere else, but the area also features plenty of low key space for couples that wish to spend a quiet moment alone to bask in their emotions.

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Booking Romantic Cruises For Honeymoon

Royal Caribbean ship in Curacao
Be sure to book a romantic cruise for you and your spouse as soon as possible because space is typically quite limited. This is especially the case on cruises that make stops at each of these destinations. Check your travel brochure or customize your honeymoon to include these 5 islands and you will have an experience you will never want to forget.

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