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Though the common preconception about cruises is of a journey through clear waters bound for a tropical getaway, sometimes the most enjoyable way to escape is to get to a different destination. Those who have an interest in nature and enjoy a cooler temperature can find some great options in Alaska luxury cruises. Cruise packages to Alaska offer travelers a unique and beautiful journey through a variety of landscapes. With beautiful cruise amenities and a wide variety of shore excursions available, Celebrity provides those adventure seekers a way to visit Alaska at a very reasonable price while enjoying multiple destinations.

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Alaska, the Best of Celebrity Cruises Destinations

Beautiful Fjord in Alaska

Tracy Arm Fjord

An Alaskan getaway is one of the most memorable Celebrity Cruises destinations available for travelers today. With so many different reasons to visit, those who have never explored the wilds of Alaska should certainly consider going by cruise ship. As always, a Celebrity cruise offers a luxurious vacation experience with the best services you can expect while on the go. While on board the ship, be prepared to enjoy a variety of meal options, lounge out on deck or share the delight of any traditional cruise entertainment that Celebrity has to offer. Truly, the offerings on board are often enough to justify the vacation on its own.

Meanwhile, you will be sailing through the beautiful Alaskan waters, where you can see a variety of local wildlife. Beyond the wildlife, the forests of Alaska are absolutely beautiful, and while on board you can observe the beautiful glaciers and other wonders of the Alaskan waters. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the unique local cultures that Alaska has to offer, as they venture through this wondrous land. Naturally, there are also a variety of great shore excursions available, including the special Celebrity tour of Alaska.

View of Hubbard Glacier from Celebrity Solstice

Hubbard Glacier

Shore Excursions in Alaska the Celebrity Way

Celebrity offers a variety of shore excursions in Alaska, but the iconic Celebrity cruise tours are one place you will definitely want to start. Each cruise ship has tour guides available to lead you through the Alaskan wilderness in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. Be prepared to take in all that Alaska has to offer, from its unique wildlife and picturesque landscapes to its local culture.

The glaciers floating along the water are only the start of your tour as you make the way inland. Each tour guide is passionate about what he or she does, and will lead you through the interior of Alaska for days as you truly explore all that Alaska has to offer. These tours include a journey through national parks, along rivers and into cities such as Ketchikan, Juneau, Anchorage or Fairbanks.

What really makes these excursions so unique is that the tour is more like your cruise than it is like a regular land expedition. Along the way, you will stay at some of the finest lodging options in the area, and you will get to sample the best cuisine. Everything about the land cruise tour is made to be luxurious and exciting, giving you the full scope of Alaska with the comfort of Celebrity Cruises.

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Celebrity Cruises to Alaska

Celebrity ship sailing to the fjords

Celebrity Solstice in Alaska

Celebrity Cruises to Alaska brings a variety of options, going from seven nights to 14 nights as you cruise along these beautiful waters. Departure ports include Vancouver, Seward, San Francisco and Seattle. The actual duration and journey along the way depend on your departure port, but the destination is always the same.

Those leaving from Vancouver, Seward or Seattle have the option of taking a seven-night cruise, with cruise dates starting in early May and continuing into September. Cruises from Vancouver also offer a 10-night option, which takes a few extra days to explore more parts of Alaska. Keep in mind that this has only one departure date in May of 2016, so plan ahead if you want to go on this journey. Both San Francisco and Seattle offer an 11-night cruise in May and September, respectively. Finally, if you want to spend those full 14 nights exploring Alaska, be prepared to depart from San Francisco.

Rather than put off the search, take the time now to look for your best booking options. Prices are always best when you plan ahead and Celebrity Cruises to Alaska could be the perfect way to enjoy your year.

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