Carnival Corporation Features Next-Generation Wearable Device: The Ocean Medallion™


The Carnival Corporation announced its first-of-a-kind wearable device, the Ocean Medallion, to the press on January 4, 2017. This sophisticated device promises to bridge the digital and physical worlds by delivering a new and personalized cruise experience. By using the device, cruise-goers can request foods or beverages on demand. It also allows them to interact in such venues as gaming and entertainment.

Ocean Medallion

Photo credit: Carnival Corporation

Powered by a proprietary technology, the Ocean Medallion was developed by Carnival to feature an Internet of Things or IoT Network. This Network combines intelligent sensors and computing devices to enhance the cruise experience. The use of the Medallion will not only revolutionize guest services for the cruise industry but it will also impact the broader vacation industry as a whole

  • Some of the benefits associated with the Ocean Medallion include the following:
  • Expedition and streamlining of the port embarkation and disembarkation processes.
  • Easier access of staterooms without the need for a keycard.
  • Easier locating family and friends while on-board ship.
  • Easier purchases of merchandise – no cards or paper transactions required.
  • Enhanced dining experiences.
  • Additional gaming and entertainment options.
  • Better interaction and communication with other guests and crew members.

This interactive state-of-the-art device is the only accessory that will be required to elevate the guest experience before and after each cruise trip. This type of experience is being called the Ocean Medallion Class.

Beginning in November 2017 the, the interactive Medallion is set to launch on the Regal Princess. The Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess will also feature the Ocean Medallion Class experience in 2018. Eventually, all the Princess fleet will showcase the guest device.

The device can also be paired with a digital concierge known as the Ocean Compass™. Both of the innovations make use of proprietary sensors with computing devices that are embedded throughout the vessel, home ports and destinations. This type of collective network will form the “Experience Innovation Operating System,” also known as xiOS™.

Waerable Ocean Medallion device

Photo credit: Carnival Corporation

The xiOS system makes use of the Internet of Things to enable guests to enjoy the optimum experiences on-board and off the ship in real-time based choices and preferences. All these innovations cover every aspect of personalization for the guest from lodging, access, and food and beverage selections to entertainment, shopping, payments and media.

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