Milan Protocol Signed by Costa Cruises Focuses on Nutrition and Sustainability


Costa Cruises has just affirmed and signed what is known as the Milan Protocol – a first in tourism history. The signing of the document, which was promoted by the Barilla Foundation Center for Food and Nutrition, is designed to place emphasis on three major goals: the encouragement of healthy eating, a reduction in food waste and consumption, and an emphasis on the use of sustainable farming techniques. The signing of the paper by Costa Cruises enforces the importance of addressing worldwide problems related to the food chain agriculturally.

When the Protocol was first produced in 2013, it was based on a brainstorm of the BCFN Foundation. Today, it depends on the contributions of money by over 500 experts around the globe, including more than 100 international organizations. The Protocol, which inspired the Milan Charter, has continued to receive support from thousands of individuals as well.

Costa Cruises’ commitment in the area of nutrition and sustainability has caused the cruise line to reassess its food preparation process and onboard menu items. The ship’s goal is to provide fresh foods and healthy choices. Currently, Costa is working on orienting its crew to offer a healthy balance and array of food items and to encourage them to take an active part in this current process.

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